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The 12 Rising Signs of Astrology








Aries Rising

Cancer Rising

Libra Rising

Capricorn Rising


Taurus Rising

Leo Rising

Scorpio Rising

Aquarius Rising


Gemini Rising

Virgo Rising

Sagittarius Rising

Pisces Rising



12 rising signs 3D astrology model

In the 3D astrology model above Scorpio is "rising" or is "the ascendant sign" or is "the sign on the first house cusp." All three mean the same thing. The astrological sign that happens to be spanning the eastern horizon at birth is known as one's "rising sign," which has become synonymous with "the ascendant." Another way of saying it is that the sign on the cusp (or beginning) of the first house is one's rising sign. Astronomically speaking, your first house is that one-twelfth sector of the local sky just below the eastern horizon (the sector with the orange "1" in it above) occupied by planets about two hours before they rise.

Technically, the ascendant is that particular section (sign) of the multicolored "zodiac" band (on the celestial sphere above) that is crossing the eastern horizon at any given moment, like at someone's birth. You can either imagine the sphere rotating within the fixed 12-fold scaffolding of the houses, or the 12-fold scaffolding rotating around the fixed celestial sphere. The second one actually happens: the earth rotates on its axis carrying the 12-fold scaffolding formed from the local horizon and meridian planes with it; the stars don't move.

The ascendant is called the ascendant because it is the intersection of the eastern horizon and the zodiac, where planets rise or "ascend" in the east. And they ascend because as the earth rotates it causes every local horizon to sweep across the entire sky, the celestial sphere, once every 24 hours. And as your horizon does so, signs and stars appear to rise or ascend in the east.  The multicolored zodiac band is actually the path that all the planets travel year after year among the stars known as the ecliptic (the movement of planets on the ecliptic path has nothing to do with the rotation of the earth or rising signs).

Astrologically, the rising sign symbolizes our persona: that part of our self with which we most identify in our ego, and from whence we project our personality. It is the point through which all internal energies must emerge into the world and through which all external energies must enter the psyche. It symbolizes early childhood conditioning, and describes self-awareness and the experiences most necessary for its development. The first house is the mask you wear in relating to and projecting yourself into the world. It rules physical appearance, body type, conscious self-image, and how others see and experience you.

Whereas your first house is the window through which you view the world and through which others receive their first impressions of you, the sign on the cusp of your first house is the particular tint on the glass of that window, coloring and modifying all energy that passes into and out of your being. In fact, all of your personality functions (planetary energies) must eventually emerge through and be colored by your first house cusp if they are to emerge at all. Planets in the first house are parts of your self-expression. The more planets here (except Saturn and Neptune), the more you are involved with putting out your own energy rather than experiencing that of others, hence the greater your subjectivity. Thus the sign on your first house cusp conditions the way you look and how you express yourself. In horary astrology, the rising sign is the sign rising in the east at the time of the question asked.

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