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The Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius


Surfing the Tsunami on the Cusp of the Age of Aquarius


About every 2150 years the vernal equinox precesses into a new sign. Astrologically this marks the beginning of a new "great age" that takes its name from the constellation through which the vernal equinox is precessing, as is explained in more detail on pages 43 and 44 of your book. We are now in the midst of such a great sea change that began in the mid-twentieth century as the Age of Pisces in which we had been living since the birth of Christ came to an end. Since these great ages are so long their transitions are glacially slow, and because we are so close to this immensity it is almost impossible to see it happening from within. Thus I have decided to call our great transition “Surfing the Tsunami on the Cusp of the Age of Aquarius”.

Slowly, painfully, and unexpectedly we are entering the Age of Aquarius where we will be until about 4100 AD. It has been clearly and dramatically marked by the advent of radio, TV, the Internet, and mass-communication devices uniting the consciousness of man. Aquarius' water-bearer (see Johfra Bosschart's beautiful allegorical Aquarius painting on page 182 of your book) pours mankind’s evolving awareness of itself from his vessel into the gradually collecting mind of man and woman.

Consider the attributes of the sign Aquarius and how they have been emerging in our civilization. First and foremost Aquarius is the brotherhood of man and the breaking down of boundaries that divide humanity into separate groups. I grew up in the 1940s and 1950s at the end of the age of Pisces, just as the Age of Aquarius began to manifest through radio and TV. There were no black, Hispanic, Oriental or non-Caucasian students in the six suburban schools I attended across the entire United States, nor did I see non-Caucasians anywhere except in New York City. And when I entered sixth grade in Anniston, Alabama in 1953 I thought the kids were kidding when they called me a "Northerner." I asked them if they were really referring to the Civil War, and quickly learned they were dead serious.

In the 1950s and 60s all that began to change:

1954: Supreme Court rules that racial segregation in US public schools is

unconstitutional (Brown vs. Board of Education).

1955: Rosa Parks refuses to give up her bus seat to a white man and is

arrested, Emmett Till, 14, is lynched and brutally defaced in Money,


1956: Alabama and Florida buses desegregated; Dr. Martin Luther King’s

home is bombed, but no one is hurt.

1957: Civil Rights Act of 1957 (first civil rights act since 1875); an

unexploded bomb is found on Dr. King’s porch.

1960: Civil Rights Act; Dr. King is arrested and jailed for breaking

Georgia’s trespassing law while picketing.

1961: An integrated group of CORE Freedom Riders tests the newly

established interstate desegregation laws; arriving in Alabama by

Greyhound from Wash. DC, the bus is burned and the riders beaten.

1962: Riots at U. of Miss. Oxford campus when James Meredith enrolls

under court order; 12,000 federal marshals required to restore order.

1963: Gov. George Wallace stands at the Univ. of Alabama door refusing

entrance to black students; Dr. King delivers his "I Have a Dream"

speech to an estimated 250,000; President Kennedy assassinated.

1964: Three civil rights workers killed in Mississippi; Dr. King receives the

Nobel Peace Prize.

1965: Malcolm X assassinated; Selma to Montgomery March; 1965 Voting

Rights Act; Watts Riots.

1968: Dr. King and Robert Kennedy assassinated; Mayor Daley, Chicago

riots, and Dem. National Convention; "The whole world is watching"

as Daley's police throw demonstrators through store windows on TV.



The alleged Chinese curse (its oldest attribution is actually to a 1950 Sci-Fi story by Eric Frank Russell) goes "May you live in interesting times." We certainly do. Many of the foregoing events are characteristic of Aquarius in their sudden and unpredictable nature. But what else tells us that we are now surfing a Tsunami so immense that the mere forming of its great wave is longer than our entire lives?

For the first time in history the tribes of man are coming together whether they like it or not, and many do not like it at all. At first we all tuned into Aquarius’ waves through radio, then by TV, then via the Internet, and now by cell phone on world-spanning communications satellites. Everywhere each of us knows, or can know, more and more about every other one of us. Social networking through Facebook and Twitter are reaching critical mass, although "uncritical masses" might be more apt. Man is becoming connected, is becoming "cellular," creating nightmarish conflict as ancient tribal, religious and national boundaries are challenged.

Our very nature is now up for grabs. Not only our actual sexuality through trans-gender operations, but soon we will be able to create who we are physically and genetically, first through gene manipulation and cloning, and then by mental-emotional processes only dimly visible to us now. Uranus ruling Aquarius breaks the forms of Saturn, so that a newer, larger spirit has room to grow. As we shed our old skins, we are indeed finding ourselves in interesting times.

This Age of Aquarius and Pisces page and much of this 600-page site are excerpted from the fine art, personalized astrology book You and the Universe.


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