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Chiron, the wounded healer

Chiron centaur and healer teaching young Achilles

The Education of Achilles by Chiron, fresco from Herculaneum (Museo Archeologico Nazionale, Naples).

Chiron, the mythological being, was renowned for his goodness and wisdom. Whereas the other centaurs were rowdy party animals given even to looting and rape, he dedicated himself to the study of medicine, music, astrology and the martial arts. A famous teacher counting Achilles and Hercules among his many students, he taught the latter how to make the poison-tipped arrows, assuring him victory in battle. There are many versions of this story, but either he accidentally dropped a poisoned arrow on his own foot, or Hercules accidentally shot him during a fight over some other centaursí wine. In either case he became violently ill, but being immortal, was unable to die. He then retreated to his cave to heal himself, and in so doing created the healing arts. Ironically and despite this great achievement, his wound never healed. Chiron, living daily in great pain, elected finally to meet Zeusí condition and be the immortal to die in Prometheusí place. (To punish Prometheus for stealing fire and giving it to the mortals, Zeus had chained him to a rock where vultures forever ate his liver.) Chiron may be the centaur in the constellation Centaurus.

Chiron, the wounded healer, symbolizes those who find the strength through suffering to help others avoid the pain they themselves have had to undergo. We are often directed and made wise by own painful childhood experiences. Some astrologers believe that Chironís house and sign show where we have been deeply wounded, and may hold the key to our own healing. Chiron teaches us that our wounds contain a gift, and that the process of healing oneself is a journey back to greater wholeness and integrity: the gift of who we truly are.

Chiron's astrological symbol is astrological symbol for Chiron which represents "Object Kowal," for Charles Kowal who discovered the centaur-comet-asteroid Chiron in 1977.

Famous individuals with a very strong (first house, orb <3į) Chiron are/were Alexander II Czar of Russia, Alain Carpentier (innovative heart surgeon), Willem Dafoe, Uri Geller, George IV King of England, Ernesto Maserati, Rollo May, Herbert Mills (of the Mills Brothers), Dan Rather, Bill Russell (Boston Celtics center) and Elaine Zayak (world champion ice skater).

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