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Mars in Libra




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It is difficult to be self-assertive, aggressive and sexual with the planet symbolizing those qualities in the sign of balance and harmony, although Billy the Kid, Genghis Khan and William the Conqueror seemed to have done alright with that placement. You need to find the proper balance between aggression and submission, between having to have your own way and letting the other guy have his or hers, for you alternate from one to the other. You vigorously put your energy into your relationships, but that's also where you tend to be argumentative and to stir up trouble. This is due to having to have your own way, and because you use your partner's reactions to you to make your own energy and self-assertion more visible to yourself. This can be especially problematic for women in this culture. This placement generally softens and sweetens your energy, indicates a good arbitrator or lawyer, and can provide motivation towards art. Libra is known as "the iron fist in the velvet glove," so you have a forceful but concealed agenda.

Famous people with Mars in Libra are/were Jason Alexander, Herb Alpert, Louis Armstrong, Kim Basinger, Ingmar Bergman, William Bonney, Richard Branson, Pat Buchanan, Art Buchwald, Richard Burton, Johnny Carson, Dick Cavett, Bill Clinton, Dalai Lama, Charles Darwin, Manuel de Falla, Michael Douglas, Jerry Falwell, William Falkner, Federico Fellini, Sigmund Freud, Peter Gabriel, Steve Gaskin, Bill Gates, Whoopi Goldberg, Tommy Lee Jones, Genghis Khan, John Lennon, Abraham Lincoln, John Malkovich, Nelson Mandela, Joseph R. McCarthy, Mary Tyler More, Roger Moore, Jawaharlal Nehru, Bob Newhart, Anais Nin, Manuel Noriega, Edgar Alan Poe, Roman Polanski, Elvis Presley, Marcel Proust, Erwin Rommel, George C. Scott, Georges Seurat, George Bernard Shaw, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Cat Stevens, Oliver Stone, Jimmy Swaggart, Nikola Tesla, Margaret Thatcher, Barbara Walters, Lawrence Welk, William the Conqueror and Jonathan Winters.

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