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Mercury in Gemini




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Mercury rules Gemini, and here your senses are sharp and alert. Your mind is quick and versatile, and you're naturally talented with words and in communication. There's a potential for lopsidedness with so much energy in the mind and nervous system, so be careful of overwork or general restless anxiety. Your thinking is intellectual as opposed to intuitive or instinctual, and you're prone to overlook facts and jump to conclusions. You can be foolish or superficial, but not stupid. Taking a daily quiet period away from your constant thinking would help your nerves and peace of mind. Meditation would be excellent in this regard. You're very curious, and somehow know something about everybody. Debates, games, and puzzles please you.

The following celebrities have Mercury in Gemini (and also in the first house for emphasis): Chet Atkins, Bjorn Borg, Bobby Darin, Bruce Dern, Douglas Fairbanks, Marvin Hagler, Richard Rodgers, Jim Thorpe, and Brian Wilson.

Mercury goes retrograde (see glossary) three times a year for three-week periods, occurring in 1/5 of all charts. If your Mercury is retrograde thereís an " " just inside its degree and minutes numbers on your chart. Mercury retrograde individuals need to personalize and digest data before they can understand or recommunicate it. Unusually sensitive to what others say, they take things personally, as they must relate it to themselves to make it significant. Once something has been learned, however, it is never forgotten. This process may appear as mental slowness to others. It is important that parents listen carefully to and make sure they understand their retrograde Mercury child, as well as giving that child plenty of time to communicate what is on his or her mind.

This Mercury-in-Gemini page and much of this 600-page resource website are excerpted from You and the Universe.

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