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Mercury in Pisces




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Mercury in Pisces indicates that you have an extremely sensitive, refined, poetic, instinctive and visionary mind. You react strongly to the emotional atmosphere around you, so try to recognize and remove yourself from depressed or hostile people. You could work on your own moodiness and negativity as well. You're very sympathetic, compassionate and understanding, and have kind thoughts. Being precise, logical, rational or discriminating can be difficult for you. You have a great love of music, and a desire to get out of and transcend this physical world.

Celebrities with Mercury in Pisces (and who also have their Pisces Mercury in the first house for added emphasis) are Mario Andretti, Alexander Graham Bell, Erma Bombeck, Rex Harrison, Billie Holiday, Harry Houdini, Harvey Korman, Abraham Lincoln, Bob Mackie, Eugene McCarthy, Piet Mondrain, Ralph Nader, Leontyne Price, Ramakrishna, Auguste Renoir, Ann Sheridan, Stephen Sondheim, and Michael York.

Mercury goes retrograde (see glossary) three times a year for three-week periods, occurring in 1/5 of all charts. If your Mercury is retrograde thereís an " " just inside its degree and minutes numbers on your chart. Mercury retrograde individuals need to personalize and digest data before they can understand or recommunicate it. Unusually sensitive to what others say, they take things personally, as they must relate it to themselves to make it significant. Once something has been learned, however, it is never forgotten. This process may appear as mental slowness to others. It is important that parents listen carefully to and make sure they understand their retrograde Mercury child, as well as giving that child plenty of time to communicate what is on his or her mind.

This Mercury-in-Pisces page and much of this 600-page resource website are excerpted from You and the Universe.

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