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Neptune in Scorpio




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Neptune was in Scorpio for everyone on Earth from October 1956 to November 1970 (and most recently before that in 1806). This was the "Sixties", and with Neptune in Scorpio the energy was present and powerful to open you to the psychic side of life and/or to escape through drugs, alcohol, sex, meditation, or spiritual practice. The path through Scorpio is transformation or degeneration, and not only was the choice intense and continual during this period, but many souls incarnating at this time were paying off past karmic debts by being born to parents abusing drugs. The exploration of both outer and inner worlds began with the space programs and the importation of eastern philosophy, techniques, and hallucinogenic substances. Many psychics and "sensitives" came in with Neptune in Scorpio. (If afflicted, the misuse of psychic energy in past lives requires purification in this one, or the opening of psychic centers can result in obsession). Unafraid of the "dark" side of life, you are interested in esoteric religion, the mystical and the occult. For many individuals with this placement, sexuality and physical desires are not only acceptable but also seen as spiritual.

The three outermost planets of the solar system—Uranus, Neptune and Pluto—take 84, 165, and 248 years respectively to circle the Sun: that's how long their "year" is. They therefore stay 7, 14 and 21 years respectively in a sign, although Pluto's orbit is so elliptical that it resides from 12 years (Scorpio) to 32 years (Taurus) in a sign. Neptune's effect by sign position is therefore collective, global, or generational, rather than personal. The majority of individuals in a particular generation have Neptune in the same sign, and it therefore effects and characterizes the psyches of entire generations. Each of the outer planets, however, including Neptune, is in a different house every two hours due to the earth’s daily rotation on its axis. Therefore Neptune's position by house (see "The Houses" section in "You and the Universe") is very individual.

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