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Neptune-Poseidon, king of the sea

Poseidon by Ammannati, Piazza della Signoria, Florence: pg. 188 in You and the Universe





Poseidon/Neptune: God of the Sea

Above is a picture of the marble statue of Poseidon by Bartolomeo Ammannati (1565-1575) standing in the Piazza della Signoria in Florence, Italy. Known as ‘biancone’ ("White Giant"), it was commissioned by Cosimo de Medici. Ridiculed by Benvenuto Cellini and Michelangelo, probably for political and competitive reasons, the fountain around this masterpiece was treated as a washtub for laundry at the end of the sixteenth century by the Italians who repeatedly desecrated it and stole parts from it over the centuries.

Neptune (Greek Poseidon) god of the Sea, populated his kingdom with creatures of his own design. An Olympian and one of Saturn’s six children with Rhea, he pounded and shook the Earth and sea with wrath and pleasure, answering to no one but Zeus. In The Iliad and The Odyssey he was know as the "Earth shaker" and "Earth encircler." He rode the waves in a chariot drawn by dolphins, but his most honored creation was the horse.

Some clever mortals supposedly devised a competition between Poseidon and his sister, Athena. The two immortals were to devise gifts for the mortals, who in turn would show eternal gratitude to the victor of the contest. Athena created the olive tree and Neptune, after piecing the ground with his trident to produce the spring at the Acropolis, invented the horse. The entire citizenry of Athens voted; all the men voted for Poseidon, while all the women voted for the goddess. Since there was one more woman, Athena won the contest by one vote. Poseidon was so angry that he flooded the entire region of Attica. Athena, to appease his anger, decreed that women were not allowed to vote in future elections—an interesting ruse having just won by a female majority. Athens was named after the contest winner, but Neptune’s gift of the horse changed the Greek world forever.

Poseidon was an important god in the pre-Hellenic Mycenaean civilization as well. His name appeared on many Liner B tablets as PO-SE-DA-O-NE, or in a feminine form as PO-SI-DA-E-JA. In the Bronze age (about 2000 B.C.–1000 B.C.), the center of his worship appeared to be at Pylos, home of the hero Nestor, oldest and wisest of the Greeks who fought at Troy.



  Andrea Doria as Neptune

Andrea Doria as Neptune by Agnolo Bronzino (1555), court painter to Cosimo de Medici. Andrea Doria, Liberator and Father of his Country, was the legendary leader of Genoa and admiral of the combined fleets of Venice, the Pope and Emperor Charles V in their 1535 victory over the Turks. At 84 he fought the Barbary pirates, and at 89 the French in Corsica.



Poseidon-Neptune mythology gods Neptune trident glyph




Neptune’s symbol is Poseidon’s three-pronged fish spear: the cross of matter piercing the crescent of personality and setting it free to manifest at a higher level than personal ego. The cross represents life on Earth and the opposition of the separated will to its evolutionary destiny: the individual will linked in consciousness to all mankind. In the Aquarian age this union will come about through personal evolution and mastery of the personality, rather than through the crucifixion of the personality as in the last 2000 years during the age of Pisces.

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