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Your astrological horoscope or astrology chart

To the right is an example of the horoscope chart appearing on page 3 in each Fine Art Book You and the Universe. This format that I've used for about 40 years clearly shows the geometrical relationship between signs and houses, intercepted houses, duplicated signs, and the true position of the Moon and its nodes—due to averaging and parallactic shift the Moon's nodes can be off by 1° or more in other horoscope charts.

To the right below your astrology chart are 6 tables and legends. The left triangular table shows 14 possible aspects (conjunction, opposition, trine, square, quintile, sextile, septile, semisquare, sesquiquadrate, semisextile, quincunx, biquintile, biseptile, triseptile) sorted by planetary pair, and if the aspect is applying, separating, or parallel. In the center are lists of the sign and planet symbols, with the planetary rulers of each sign in the latter. The small colored grid shows the distribution of your planets and angles by element and quadruplicity. The table on the upper right of the legend lists the 14 possible aspects calculated and displayed in your horoscope chart; their symbols and orbs are displayed within the circle of your chart itself. And the lower right table is a list of all 14 of your aspects sorted by orb (i.e., closest first).


Unless you choose another house system, your astrology chart will be cast in the Campanus house system. I have found it to be the most astronomically and astrologically accurate. My disciplines include mathematics, physics, psychology, teaching and music at Caltech, Brandeis and Harvard, with an honors Master's degree in Teaching from Harvard.

Your astrology chart - astrological horoscope




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