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Astrology Reading 1a: complete analysis

astrology reading horoscope chart 1a

An example of the Horoscope Chart on Page 3 of all Book Versions



Astrology Reading sample version 1a: Introduction

Black Chancery text Sun in Sagittarius

         The Sun in Sagittarius is mutable fire; its keyword: "I perceive." Sagittarius is symbolized by the Centaur as an archer: half human, half animal, aiming an arrow heavenward in a symbolic attempt to free itself from its lower nature (see Johfra Bosschart's beautiful allegorical Sagittarius painting on page 158). This is a theme for all Sagittarians: how to integrate their philosophic, truth-loving, spiritually oriented soul with their brute, coarse animal nature. Notice I said "integrate" here, not "free oneself from" or "rise above." Both sides are truth for the Sagittarian: the horse and the rider going together to the stars.

         You are the philosopher, priest, teacher and con man of the zodiac, always ready to teach or to sell your philosophy. Friendly, outgoing, gregarious, and sports loving, you can be very extravagant when over-indulging your expansive nature. A lover of truth and honest to a fault, you can be brutally tactless. Physical activity, grand themes and big gestures are to your liking. Like your animal side the horse, you do not like being fenced in. Sagittarians love freedom and travel, and can be skittish when it comes to commitment. No one, however, is purely a Sagittarius—or any other sign for that matter. Human beings are a mixture of all 12 signs, houses and planets, as depicted in your chart on page three. It is the art of the astrologer to describe this complex of harmonious and conflicting symbolic energies within you.

         Jupiter, largest planet in the solar system, is the ruler of Sagittarius, and one of its/your weaknesses is trying to be too large. This can take the forms of false arrogance or of overdoing things. Sagittarius can be brutally tactless; it is important that you extend this courtesy to yourself as well. And as for overdoing, you can’t do everything at once—so be aware of overextending and over-committing yourself, as well as procrastinating. Sagittarius expands on the "ten thousand things" of life collected by the opposite (monkey) sign Gemini, spinning stories and philosophies from the collected data. Neither sign of this polarity is complete without the other. Sagittarius needs the data of Gemini, and Gemini needs the reason for collecting the data in the first place: the larger picture of Sagittarius. Together these two signs are the clowns of the zodiac.

         In the human body Sagittarius and its ruler Jupiter rule the liver, the hips and the thighs. Sagittarius deals with ultimate understanding. In the Bible, Jacob was lame in his hip—his understanding—and had to wrestle all night (his ignorance, his shadow) with an angel (his enlightenment, his understanding) until it blessed him. Jupiter, along with Neptune, co-rule Pisces, which rules the feet. The soles of our feet are that which we stand upon, and it is from our soles/souls that under+standing flows.

         Famous Sagittarians are/were James Agee, Christina Aguilera, Woody Allen, Gregg Allman, Jane Austin, Kim Basinger, Beethoven, Berlioz, William Blake, Jeff Bridges, Dave Brubeck, William F. Buckley, Maria Callas, Hoagy Carmichael, David Carradine, Noam Chomsky, Winston Churchill, Dick Clark, Ty Cobb, Jamie Lee Curtis, Rodney Dangerfield, Sammy Davis Jr., Charles de Gaulle, Judi Dench, Emily Dickinson, Joe Dimaggio, Walt Disney, Kirk Douglas, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Flaubert, Jane Fonda, Jamie Foxx, Ira Gershwin, Terry Gilliam, Betty Grable, Daryl Hannah, Jimi Hendrix, Ionesco, Samuel L. Jackson, Scarlett Johansson, Spike Jones, Milla Jovovich, Stan Kenton, Ed Koch, Toulose-Latrec, Bruce Lee, C. S. Lewis, John Malkovich, Harpo Marx, Margaret Mead, Bette Midler, Ricardo Montalban, Edith Piaf, Brad Pitt, Christopher Plummer, Richard Pryor, Little Richard, Rilke, Diego Rivera, Edward G. Robinson, Ridley Scott, Frank Sinatra, Britney Spears, Steven Spielberg, Joseph Stalin, Marisa Tormei, Tina Turner, Mark Twain, Dick van Dyke, Dionne Warwick, John Greenleaf Whittier, Flip Wilson and Frank Zappa. What a group to belong to!

Black Chancery text: Sun semisquare Moon

Astrology symbols: Sun semisquare Moon

Black Chancery text: Strength, orb

         Although the semisquare is a minor aspect, when it occurs between the Sun and the Moon it can be very significant (the "Strength" rating in the above header can help you gauge its strength for you Carl). Sun semisquare Moon symbolizes a conflict between your true, inner self (Sun), and the images and beliefs as to who you are that you've picked up and now hold to be true (Moon). This learning may have come from your parents, others in your childhood, or through your own way of perceiving the world based on biases from past life experiences. Whatever its source, the resulting tension between your will and your emotions is frustrating, and manifests as psychological problems until you resolve the underlying subconscious conflict. Your parents could have separated while you were still young enough to have felt it strongly. Childhood male-female models are often absent, ambiguous or unacceptable with this aspect, so there may be tension and/or a need to experiment in relating to the opposite sex.

         If your parents were emotionally or physically separated, having to split your allegiance may have become a model for you with other couples or with multiple goals, hobbies, or careers you pursue. You may find that you need to alternate your loyalties from one to the other as though your goals or friends were antagonistic to each other as were your parents to each other. If this is true for you, becoming aware that the emotional charge or orientation you place on relating to two things concurrently, be they people or your own pursuits, may have nothing to do with them but rather reflect you still trying to love both of your parents at the same time. The awareness of this will help you to gain the emotional centeredness and perspective necessary to enjoy more than one thing or person at the same time.

         You may try to escape your limitations by rushing into new experiences, but lack the perseverance to carry them to a conclusion. Self-defeating habits manifesting in the Moon's house (for you, Carl, this is the fifth house of love affairs, children, and creative self-expression in general) can be changed by lessons and strengths associated with the Sun's house (this is the fourth house of your emotional foundations, family, mother, your past and the end of your life). You may feel that everyone else around you is in the wrong (or to blame), but it is really yourself with whom you are out of touch. Until you define, focus on and persevere with your goals, until you get back in touch with your core, you will experience difficulty depending on yourself for long periods of time.



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