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Astrology Reading 1c: Sun - Asc and MC

astrology reading 1c Sun-Angles

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Astrology Reading sample 1c: Sun to Asc and MC


Sun square Ascendant

Strength = 99/100, orb = 1.67°/12°

         This is a very significant aspect, as the way your express yourself is rough and even explosive at times, running at cross-purposes to your will, goals, and life purpose. You have trouble getting your ideas and thoughts across, and may have decided that your appearance doesn't matter, or even dress in a self-defeating manner. In any event the way you present yourself conflicts with who you really are, making it difficult for others to know or to respect (from re-, back + specere, to look at, see; thus: to look back on) you, or even repelling them. It is true that physical appearance is only a temporary covering for the soul. But we meet in a world of time and personalities, and few will take the time or choose to know you unless you present yourself in an interesting or enticing way. It would be wise to become more conscious as to why you make yourself unpresentable.

         Carl, you were born within an hour or two of midnight or noon symbolizing that your Sun sign energy—the flavor of your will and your drive for significance—is in conflict with your ascendant sign energy—your persona, public mask, how you express yourself. All planetary energies must express themselves through the ascendant if they are to be expressed at all, so this is a necessary and unavoidable self-integration on your part. Since you are a Sagittarius with Virgo rising, your freedom-loving, larger than life, expansive, story-telling, philosophical Sagittarian energy is in conflict with the detail-oriented, critical, discriminating and purifying energy of Virgo. So you need to find a way to express your Sagittarian energy with Virgo modality or you will remain unexpressed and defeated by life. By attending to the endless details of your grand schemes and by being truly discriminating and detail-oriented about your big story you give them the honor they deserve. This brings them forward with a perfection and maturity that will be valued, seen and received by others, and therefore will succeed. Your story is worth telling, Sagittarius; just give it the patience, love and attention that it and you deserve.

         It is important to consider the quadruplicity (cardinal, fixed or mutable signs) that this square is in. Since Sagittarius and Virgo are mutable signs, heir square symbolizes that you need to adjust your thinking or attitude and to change your mind about something. And since the slower symbol always teaches the faster one, you need to adjust the way you look and present yourself to the world (your ascendant) by an appropriate use of your will and sense of purpose (the Sun).

Sun opposed Midheaven

Strength = 92/100, orb = 3.80°/12°


         Any planet conjunct one of the four angles is significant, and when that planet is also the Sun, it is very significant indeed. And the "Strength" of 92/100 in the header above tells you that this is indeed a strong aspect in your chart. You were born when the Sun was at the lowest point in the sky, the nadir. The nadir is astrological midnight, and symbolizes the roots of your being, the depth of your soul, your emotional foundations and underpinnings, your home and family as a child and as an adult, your nurturing parent and the effect she or he had on you, and the end of affairs and of life. And the Sun is your sense of purpose, your will, your drive for significance, and your consciousness. So you express your Sun's Sagittarian energy with your family and in your home, and your drive for significance and sense of purpose are centered on the very foundations of your emotional nature, perhaps through therapy, perhaps as a strong attachment to the past or your nurturing parent or heritage.

         You're probably a homebody, and other things being equal, which they rarely are, your family interests outweigh your career concerns. Your emotions and your past play a very important part in your life, and may conflict with your career. Since there are hard aspects to all three of your fourth house planets, some of these issues from your past probably need to be made more conscious in order for you to become a whole person. In this case some form of therapy would be helpful.

         Your subconscious and its origins—your past, your emotional roots, your family and childhood—will be the arena in your life where you most shine your light and express your will and sense of purpose. And you will do this in a Sagittarian manner: in large, expansive broad strokes, not wanting to be hemmed in and dedicated to the truth, sometimes even at the expense of others' feelings. Like a great oak tree, this position of the Sun takes a long time to mature, and things tend to get better as they get sorted out later on in life.


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