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Astrology Reading 1d: Moon-Mars & Jupiter

Astrology Reading 1d

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Astrology Reading sample 1d: Moon to Mars & Jupiter

Moon in Aquarius

Altruistic, universal, progressive, original and a lover of freedom, you naturally relate more to groups, movements and to the big picture than to individual personalities, sometimes to the dismay of your partner and children. You are inspired and seldom bound by tradition or domestic ties, for humanity is your family. You not only have an egalitarian and objective perspective of your race, but of yourself as well, allowing you to see your own feelings objectively and dispassionately. Just make sure that you allow yourself to actually feel your feelings, and not strain them through your mind or an idealistic view of what is. To the extent that the following issues are relevant and dealt with, you could make a fine therapist.

You can bring difficult lessons on yourself due to rash and ill-considered actions. And because Aquarius is the most emotionally-fixed of the signs and the Moon rules habit patterns, you have to be careful, or at least aware, of your debilitating habits. Because your emotional nature (Moon) tends to be mental and abstract (Aquarius), you would have a hard time empathizing with others were it not for your Jupiter in Cancer and Neptune in the first house trine the Moon (see your in-depth synthesis reading on pages 60-69). Emotions can be cramped and limited in Aquarius, with arthritic conditions possible in later life due to a rigid will and crystallization of feelings. This fixity is greatly mitigated by mutable signs preponderant over fixed signs (7:3) in your chart as well as your strong first-house Neptune; nor is it reinforced by other circumstances. As a male you would tend to attract a stable, fixed mate that can be persuaded but not pushed.

You may have to learn to feel with and in your body, for the tendency with this placement is to identify with the mind and its idealized concepts rather than be informed by the sensations your body creates and receives. And since feeling gives life meaning, passion and direction, without it life becomes meaningless, routine, and directionless. Good ways to wake up to your body are emotional/body therapies (Primal, Reichian), massage, love making, Shamanic De-armoring, anything that draws your attention and conscious-ness into the vehicle you inhabit. Your opposition from Pluto to the Moon in Aquarius can indicate childhood trauma that must be processed to fully inhabit your body (more on this in pages 60-69) .

Moon sextile Mars

Strength = 7/100,  orb = 4.70/5.0

You are a generally lucky person, due perhaps to your good relationships with women and to your sex appeal. There is a harmony between your subconscious feelings and your drive to get things done in the world, so you naturally take others' feelings into consideration when serving your own needs and do not override their feelings with your own. You find it easy to work with people and tend to pour a lot of energy into those around you. You are courageous, self-confident, have a lot of vitality and energy, and your recuperative powers are strong. Other things being equal, you are a natural protector of woman and children.


Moon opposed Jupiter

Strength = 51/100, orb = 7.63/12

You will draw others to you in this life that represent you as you once were in a past lifetime. A tendency to extravagance and arrogance bears examination. Your faith in others is often misplaced, and you should oversee their use of your finances. You are restless in your relationships, and frequently look for greener pastures somewhere else. If other factors in your chart support it, you hold faulty ideas or judgment in your unconscious keeping you apart from women. You need to first become conscious of this, and then to heal its source which is probably from childhood and related to your mother. Once this is understood, healed and integrated, your hard-won wisdom cannot be sidetracked by external social values, and this understanding will illuminate you and others.


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