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Astrology Reading 2a: Emphasis-Synthesis

astrology reading 2a horoscope chart

An example of your Horoscope Chart on Page 3 of all Fine Art Book Versions



Astrology Reading sample 2a: Introduction

         Earthly life can be likened to being in school. Some souls are grade-schoolers. Their level of understanding is simple and basic; they get to play a lot, but have little real power or wisdom. Some souls are in graduate school. They’ve been studying a long time, still have a lot of homework, and have amassed a great deal of knowledge. Yet all human beings share in their humanity and mortality. We all have problems and weaknesses; else we wouldn’t be here.

         Elizabethan poets called an extended metaphor showing a relationship between apparently dissimilar things a “conceit.” So to continue my conceit about life being like school, when we don’t learn, for whatever reason, we have to repeat the grade. You could call this karma. I believe that everyone is born on Earth because they have something to learn, some unfinished business in flesh and life to which they have yet to attend.

         The focus in your reading Betty, and in most of my readings, is on the earthly lessons that have brought you here this time around to which you have yet to attend. This is my focus for three reasons. First, recurring troubles or thematic problems are often in our shadow, those parts of ourselves of which we are least capable or desirous of being conscious. Second, it is with our problems and weaknesses that we need help. And third and for the preceding reasons, this is how I can be of the greatest service to you. The features of your chart that I will draw on in this section, not necessarily in this order, are:

1) No planets (except Neptune) or ascendant in water.

2) Your Virgo ascendant (rising).

3) Ascendant ruler in 12th conjunct Uranus and Pluto.

4) Full Moon: Sun in Leo opposed Moon in Aquarius.

5) Exact fixed T-cross: Full Moon squared by Neptune.

6) Saturn conjunct Moon in the fifth house.

7) Tension of T-cross released by Jupiter in the seventh house.

8) Beautiful Jupiter-Sun trine!

9) Harmonious Saturn-Jupiter sextile.

         Before we get into your reading I want to bring up "Planetary Patterns." If you've heard about these ten-planet gestalts involving all of your planets and would like to learn more about them, turn to pages 310-321 in your book for pictures of ten such patterns and their explanations. Some charts fall into one of these patterns, but many like yours Betty do not. Now if your chart isn't in one of these patterns, it doesn’t mean that your life is disorganized or has no pattern to it. These astrological patterns were not handed down by God; you were. They were merely devised by astrologers (Mark Edmund Jones is the culprit in this case) as a starting-off place, something for interpreters and their clients to sink their teeth into. If your chart doesn’t fall into a category, so much the worse for the category, not for you or your chart. Indeed, you are just that more unique. That your uniqueness takes precedence over astrology or any body of knowledge is a principle I try to adhere to in my readings.


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