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Astronomy Pictures in Your Fine Art Book

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 small photo Antikythera mechanism

 small photo Moon eclipsing Venus  painting early solar system small photo Eagle Nebula
Antikythera mech., pg.24 Moon eclipsing Venus, pg.123 Young solar system, pg.70

Rosette Nebula, pg. 216

Eagle Nebula-M16, pg.217
diagram Big Bang Timeline  diagram: Voyager in Heliosheath photo montage Mar's retrograde motion  diagram of Oort cloud
Big Bang Timeline pg. 226

Voyager 1, heliosheath, pg.211

Retrograde Mars, pg. 137 Whirlpool Galaxy M51, pg. 220 Oort Cloud, pg.209

small photo book page 43

 small photo Tadpole Galaxy

small photo: Mars' Valles Marineris

Universe within 500 million light years
Earth's rotational inertia, pg.43 Tadpole galaxy,pg.221 Mars' Valles Marineris, pg.134 Seyfert active galaxy M106, pg. 222 Universe<500,pg.224
page 307 Hertzsprung-Russell diagram page 228: small photo HUDF Largest TNOs: Trans-Neptunian Objects

Hertzsprung-Russell, pg.307

Hubble ultra deep field, pg.228

8 largest TNOs, pg. 207

Spiral galaxy NGC 7331, pg.223 World's largest telescope, pg.264




Astronomy Subjects:


9 planets-solar system


precession of equinoxes

9-planet montage

stellar spectra

planets and stars: gyroscopes

retrograde Mars

Milky Way galaxy

universe within 500 million light yrs

planet Pluto not planet

Sombrero galaxy

universe: how big/how old?


NGC 613: a barred spiral galaxy

Earth-universe-compare sizes


The Tadpole Galaxy

Saros cycleof Moon: lunar Saros cycle

Chiron: asteroid or comet?


Exeligmos/Triple Saros cycle

Kuiper Belt


Big Bang: cosmic background

Oort cloud


Hertzsprung-Russell diagram

Sun's heliopause


celestial sphere - Orrery

astronomy and astrology


mass vs. weight

Plasma-4 states of matter

   adaptive optics

young solar system

Antikythera mechanism

   Galileo's first telescopes

HUDF: Universe, how big/old

   World's Largest Telescope




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