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This 600-page website and the personalized, fine art books sold here are the culmination of my profession. I appreciate the 2000 visitors a day that deem the pages of this site and a tour of my book worth a visit!

If you are purchasing or thinking about purchasing an item from the order page and have a question, I am available to discuss the details with you as needed and will be happy to respond by email. Thank you for visiting my site and I hope your stay here will be both enjoyable and educational. I have included some FAQ below.


Thank you.


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1. What house system are your charts done in?

Campanus or Placidian, but you can choose any of the house systems listed below for your horoscope chart and its interpretation. There are about 12 different house systems currently in use. Often named after medieval monks, they are the Campanus, Placidian, Ptolemy or Equal, Porphyry, Neo-Porphyry, Regiomontanus, Meridian, Koch,  Alcabitius, Morinus, Zariel and the Topocentric House Systems. Placidus is the most popular due to an historical serendipity in its publishing, not to any intrinsic virtue of the Placidian System. Unfortunately, that early widespread publication led to, in my opinion, its undeserved and indiscriminate universal acceptance. After a prolonged study and the construction of 3D models of which the familiar horoscope chart is but a slice, I elected to primarily use the Campanus house system because it trisects the quarters of the local sky spatially rather than by time as does the Placidian, but more importantly because it more accurately reflected my clients' experience of themselves. However in some instances I will elect to use the Placidian.

2.  How long do I have to wait to get a book?

I have to write, edit, layout, print, cover, bind, laminate, pack and ship every book myself, so versions 2 and 3 usually take me three to seven weeks to completely finish depending on my current backlog (version 1 is currently unavailable). The different book versions are described on the home page.

3. Are your readings really individual, and based on the person's birth time, birth date and birth place?

Yes. Every reading I do for any purpose is based precisely on that person's exact birth time, birth date, and birth place. By the way, the birth time is even more important than the birth date as it sets up the sequence of 12 houses and the signs and planets that rule them; so try to get your birth time as accurate as possible.

4. Should I adjust the birth time I give you according to daylight savings or by anything else?

No. The birth time you give me should be exactly the one recorded on your birth certificate with no changes made  to it.

5. What if I don't know my birth time?

The more recently you were born and the larger the city you were born in contribute to there being an exact birth time recorded on the long form of your birth certificate. Sometimes the hospital you were born in has your birth record still available in its record department. More often it has been transferred to the Bureau of Public Records in the state capital of the state you were born in. There are also a number of on-line agencies willing to take your money for this service, but in all cases make sure you request the "long form". When I last checked this was the one that contained your birth time.

6. What if there is no record of my birth time, anywhere?

Casting and interpreting a chart without a birth time provides you with about half of what a full astrological interpretation can give you. With a seperate phone interview I can provide you with a "chart rectification" which will usually approximate your birth time to within 1/2 to 1 hour of your actual birth time. You can set this up with a second $125 puchase of item 5. on the order page; you should mark this order as "rectification".

7. What do your previous clients have to say about you?

I'm glad you asked. Please take a look at my testimonials, my awards, and my review pages.


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