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The element Air in astrology



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The element Air—represented in astrology by the signs Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius—symbolizes ideas, abstract thought, logic, relationships and association with others, clear, objective vision, and that which is facile and quick. Air sign people gather knowledge with their minds (Gemini) and their intuition (Aquarius). "Aspiration," or to breath in, is the keyword for Air signs. As part of the yang polarity, the Air signs are positive and creative.

No (or only outer) planets in Air

People with no planets in Air signs (except perhaps for the outer, generational planets Neptune and Pluto) may feel stupid even though they are not, and overcompensate for that imagined lack and the imagined lack of societal acceptance they fear it will bring. Thus we find many famous people with no planets in Air who excel in the airy attributes, such as William F. Buckley, David Frost, Andre Gide, Peter Jennings, Lily Tomlin and Tracy Ullman. Other famous people with no Air are/were Alvin Ailey, Mario Andretti, Rosanna Arquette, Sri Aurobindo, Anne Bancroft, Charles Baudelaire, Warren Beatty, Halle Berry, Osama bin Laden, Ray Bradbury, Marlon Brando, Jacques Brel, Anita Bryant, Yul Brynner, James Caan, Glen Campbell, Enrico Caruso, Edgar Cayce, Wally Cox, Jamie Lee Curtis, Mike Douglas, Robert Downey Jr., Faye Dunaway, Robert Duvall, Peter Fonda, Margot Fonteyn, Bob Fosse, James Garner, Pancho Gonzales, Ulysses S. Grant, Merv Griffin, George Hamilton, Dustin Hoffman, Rock Hudson, Saddam Hussein, James Earl Jones, Ed Koch, Bruce Lee, Liberace, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Zubin Mehta, Jack Nicholson, Patti Page, Richard Pryor, Dan Rather, Robert Redford, Keanu Reeves, Julia Roberts, Telly Savalis, Rod Serling, Martin Sheen, Kevin Spacey, Terence Stamp, Peter Ustinov, Vincent Van Gogh, Sarah Vaughan, Andy Warhol, Raquel Welch, Natalie Wood and Frank Zappa.

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