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The element Fire in astrology



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The element Fireórepresented in astrology by the signs Aries, Leo and Sagittariusórepresents inspiration, intuition, yang energy, joie de vivre, the energy of the spirit and the spiritual side of our nature, ardor, impulsivity, enthusiasm, will, activity, dominance, and the principle of self-starting. People with many planets in Fire signs tend to be direct and extroverted; the fire of their spirit is obvious in their lives.

No (or only outer) planets in Fire

If you have no planets in Fire signs (except perhaps for the outer, generational planets Neptune or Pluto) you may the need to experience life more actively. You may lack the passion and spark that the fire signs symbolize, may have difficulty starting things or becoming active, and could benefit by being more vital. Although not necessarily an introvert, you are not likely to be an extrovert. You tend to be less competitive and more passive, and to let the other person make the first move. Donít underrate your abilities, for you may end up helping those who are less talented but with more drive and ambition than you have. You may actually not like being the center of attention, and in that case will prefer a subordinate position. Itís significant that many people with no fire in their horoscopes often try to compensate for this absence by forcing self-expression and the more naturally aggressive fire sign traits.

 It makes me laugh to see that Genghis Khan, Eldridge Cleaver, Thomas Paine, Rudolph Valentino and John Wayne had no planets or their ascendant in Fire! Imagining that I know their truths, I would question the validity of astrology except that Iíve seen it vindicated too many times to go down that road again. Rather, I marvel at the many and profound masks that over-compensation can wear. Do you wear one yourself; and, if so, are you aware of it? Other famous people with no planets or their ascendant in Fire are/were John Barrymore, Richard Basehart, Jack Benny, Elizabeth Bishop, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Fanny Brice, Lord Byron, Dyan Cannon, Matt Damon, Laura Dern, Dorothy Dix, Karl Doenitz, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Lillian Gish, Lorne Greene, Oliver Hardy, William Henry Harrison, Rutherford B. Hayes, Lillian Helman, John Edgar Hoover, Edwin Hubble, Johannes Kepler, Frank Langella, D. H. Lawrence, Brandon Lee, Tea Leoni, Fredric March, Groucho Marx, Matthew McConaughey, Adolphe Menjou, Mary Tyler Moore, Louis Pasteur, Les Paul, Suzanne Pleshette, Vincent Price, Sergei Prokofiev, Ronald Reagan, Keanu Reeves, Roy Rogers, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Brooke Shields, Dmitri Shostakovich, Donald Sutherland, J. R. R. Tolkien, Rafael Trujillo and Earl Warren.

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