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The Hourglass or Seesaw Planetary Pattern

Noel Coward's Hourglass or seesaw horoscope

The Hourglass or Seesaw Pattern: Noel Coward


The Hourglass/Seesaw Planetary Pattern consists of two groups of planets separated by at least 65° with at least one opposition between them. The 10 planets in the two groups can be arranged 2:8, 3:7, 4:6, or 5:5, but there must be at least two and not more than eight planets in each group. Ideally both groups would be on a central axis with at least 90° of open space between them, and the pattern would contain three oppositions: two boundary oppositions outlining the hourglass, and a core opposition along the central axis. There may, however, be only one opposition present and the pattern would still be an hourglass. If the chart contains no oppositions, however, another pattern is probably a more appropriate classification. And the more an Hourglass Pattern deviates from the foregoing ideal, the less relevant is the following interpretation.

If you have this most frequently occurring of all the planetary patterns, you try to bring balance and harmony into your world. The two opposed groups of planets in your chart represent the two opposing views you are trying to balance or harmonize. Your chart, however, may loosely fall under the rubric of the Hourglass, but lack the symmetry, compactness, and border oppositions of the ideal hour-glass pattern like Noel Coward’s above. This in no way indicates that you yourself are lacking in something. Most people’s astrological patterns are far from some ideal category. It is true, however, that the further one’s astrological pattern is from the ideal, the less descriptive that pattern is of their character.

Famous people with strong Hourglass patterns (independent of the particular sides of their nature that their particular hourglass illuminates as being polarized), are/were Ingrid Bergman, Shelly Berman, Johnnie Cash, Jimmie Carter, Fidel Castro, Agatha Christie, Glenn Close, Phil Collins, Noel Coward, Marie Curie, Baba Ram Dass, Angela Davis, Brendan Fraser, Jackie Gleason, Gus Grissom, Rutger Hauer, Judd Hirsch, Howard Hughes, Janis Joplin, Edward Kennedy, Groucho Marx, Burgess Meredith, Yves Montand, Ralph Nader, Kim Novak, Nelson Rockefeller, Tom Selleck, Beverly Sills, Sharon Tate, and Eli Whitney.

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