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So sit back, relax, and be transported through some of the 350 beautiful and informative pages of the fine art

Astrology, Astronomy and Mythology Book through which Your Complete Astrology Reading could be woven!

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small photo: pages 2,3


small photo: table of contents


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small photo: gyroscopes+precession


small photo: ten planetary patterns

small photo: protostar & solar nebula


Selene & Endymion; Johfra's Cancer


Mars montage & Mars retrograde


pages 118,119: Jupiter, planet+god


Johfra's Sagittarius & Jupiter's moon Io

 Hades: god's name and domicile


Demeter's Return to Persephone; Furies


small photos: Tadpole & spiral galaxy


author's celestial spheres: small, large


pages 170,171: first house



A Sample of the complete Classical Reading #1 in Book Version 1 (automatically included in Book Versions 2. and 3.)

A Sample of the Additional synthesis/emphasis Reading #2 in Book Version 2 (Book 2 also includes Reading #1 above)

A Sample of the In-Depth synthesis/emphasis Reading #3 in Book Version 3 (Book 3 also includes Reading #1 above)




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The personalized Fine Art Book You and the Universe.








author+astrology & astronomy instruments

The author, his instruments, poetry, awards, reviews and horoscope charts.








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