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Sample Astrology Reading 4

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Astrology Reading sample 4a: Capricorn, Libra, Gemini

         Some charts fall into more than one planetary pattern, and some into no pattern at all. If the latter is true of your chart, it doesn’t mean that your life is disorganized or has no pattern to it. These patterns are not handed down by god, you are. And if your chart doesn’t fall into a category, so much the worse for the category, not for you or your chart. Indeed, you are just that more unique.

         The focus in this, and in most of my readings, is on the earthly lessons that have brought you here this time around to which you have yet to attend. This is my focus for three reasons. First, recurring troubles or thematic problems are often in our shadow, those parts of ourselves of which we are least capable or desirous of being conscious. Second, it is with our problems and weaknesses that we need help. And third and for the preceding reasons, this is how I can be of the greatest service to you.

         Although technically you have an hourglass pattern, Carla, your chart falls so marginally into that category that the hourglass’ manifestation in your total character is weak to nonexistent. I am therefore going to start with a rare configuration that dominates your chart and infuses your entire character: your exact Mars-Uranus-ascendant conjunction trine Moon conjunct Neptune. Your Mars-Uranus-ascendant is one of the closest ascendant conjunctions I have seen in over four decades of reading charts, and is clearly the strongest single aspect in your chart. Mars, in fact, is exactly conjunct Uranus, it couldn’t be closer, and the two are within ˝° (the diameter of the Moon) of your ascendant.

         Planets conjunct the ascendant symbolize that that person is sort of an “ambassador” or representative of that planet’s energy in the world. So in this case you are the ambassador of Mars-Uranus energy to the planet Earth. Mars by itself is just energy and libido, whereas Uranus is freedom, lightning fast intuition and electricity. Mars conjunct Uranus on the ascendant is therefore like a lightning strike in the environment. You have tremendous energy and vitality, and healing power if you choose to use it; but your energy comes and goes and tends to be erratic, possibly with sudden, unforeseen explosions.

         Other things being equal, you would be a law unto yourself, creating your own rules and pursuing alternate and nonconformist solutions to life with great energy and freedom. But you’re a Capricorn with Saturn also in the first house, so all that freedom and rebelliousness is tempered with a good measure of discipline, responsibility and restraint. In fact, I would say that those two things and the trine to Moon-Neptune smooth out that energy of yours quite a lot. Yet your temper can still be hot and sharp and snap out like a lightning bolt. You are aggressive in the pursuit of gaining insight into all that is new, different, and out of the ordinary. Direct, blunt, and intolerant of hypocrisy, you need to pay more attention to your intuition.

         For some people, this indicates revolutionary or anarchistic tendencies, although this is very toned down by other factors in your chart. All people are unique and equal members of humanity to you, not to be judged by social, racial or physical standards or limitations. You are a champion of individual rights and causes, and identify with universal and humanitarian movements. You’re moved by the spirit rather than by the form of things. You’re also strongly identified with the god of war and the assertion of the ego. You need to dominate your immediate surroundings, and for activity of any kind, and are extremely independent and confident. You could easily excel at athletics, and could be in or related to the military in some way. You have great strength and recuperative powers, and are inclined to take personal risks.

         Since this conjunction is in Gemini, you are a forceful and inspiring speaker, a champion of individual rights and the common man. This Gemini energy, however, could also manifest in the nervous system and the hands and shoulders, giving you prodigious power as a masseuse and/or layer on of hands. This is emphasized by the exact trine from Moon conjunct Neptune in the fifth. Moon trine Mars by itself symbolizes harmony between your subconscious feelings and your energy, so you naturally take others’ feelings into consideration when serving your own needs. It’s easy for you to work with people, and you can pour a lot of energy into those around you.

         Moon conjunct Neptune on the other hand symbolizes a fusing of the body and emotional vehicles with the spiritual and trans-material realms. You are very sensitive, impressionable and psychic, but in this incarnation you are being asked to sacrifice your personal emotions through many disappointments and disillusionments. These painful experiences function to direct your attention within yourself rather than to continue searching in the outer world for ideals of love and freedom.

         Moon trine Uranus symbolizes an unusual life with many sudden changes and unexpected experiences. You are original and have a love for the unconventional and bizarre lifestyle, which would be tempered by the sobriety of Capricorn. This again accentuates your healing power and your love for humanity, particularly since Uranus is on the ascendant and joined by Mars. You’re creative, inventive, inspire others, and have the makings of genius. Your mother (the Moon) may be quite eccentric, and/or your childhood may have been unusual.

         Mars trine Neptune by itself symbolizes that you know how to manifest your imagination and to put your ideals to practice. Once you form a picture or concept of something, you make it real. You have the potential to work with the psychic or the occult without fear of adverse influences or possession, for you have hidden protection in these realms, accentuated by the accidental ruler of your twelfth house (Mars) in trine to the natural ruler of the twelfth house (Neptune). Hidden enemies or others trying to deceive you will not gain advantage over you for the same reason.

         Uranus trine Neptune is a generational aspect occurring every 60 years. For most this aspect is a dumb note serving only as a general stimulus to humanity’s evolution. Only highly evolved individuals will be able to respond personally to this highest of vibrations between the outer planets, and this is the case with you. Far from empty flattery, Carla, this is because Uranus closely conjoins your ascendant and Mars and is in close trine to Neptune and in wider trine to your midheaven, all very personal and statistically evanescent conditions. In fact, the Uranus-ascendant conjunction was perfect two minutes after your recorded birth time. And since your birth time was recorded as a 15-minute multiple, you could easily have been born as Mars and Uranus were precisely on the New York City horizon on the day you were born.

         The Mars-Uranus and Moon-Neptune conjunctions form a grand trine with your midheaven, bringing your calling, public image and profession into the picture by the way of grace. You have the capacity to raise your consciousness to a new and higher level in this lifetime, to let go of more of what is personal so as to be able to empathize with and represent mankind more universally. You have occult and spiritual talent and the capacity to be a seer. Your experience and vision of the unity that ties this world together can transport yourself and others beyond the mundane and into extraordinary regions. You have profound insight into what unites all people, and into dreams and the mystical regions of the mind.

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