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The Splash Planetary Pattern

The Splash Planetary Pattern: Nina Foch



The Splash Pattern  (page 314 in You and the Universe and shown above) occurs when planets occupy at least eight out of 12 signs or houses, spread rather evenly or “splashed” around the entire chart. An ideal Splash Pattern would contain five equispaced oppositions and no conjunctions, although you can have as many as two conjunctions and still have a splash pattern. The Splash most frequently occurs when the Sun, Mercury and Venus are in different signs and houses. And if one pair of planets in the chart is separated by at least 54° (sextile) and another pair by at least 82° (square), then the pattern is probably an Hourglass or Seesaw.

This relatively rare astrological pattern symbolizes a well-balanced nature with the broadest of interests, allowing you to integrate a number of apparently unrelated things in a meaningful way. You have the potential to do many things well, the ability to find order in apparent confusion, and are a genius of versatility. Since you can have your fingers in so many pies, you may feel that you can deal with any situation that comes along. Marc Edmund Jones, who originated the concept of planetary patterns, called the Splash Pattern the “prototype universal citizen.” As with the grand cross, the downside of having such a wide range of abilities and experiences is the difficulty of focusing on any one goal. So beware of wasting your talents through being too diffuse or scattered.

If you are able to master your diverse interests, you may be able to achieve an exalted or universal perspective of yourself within the cosmos. For that reason, esoteric astrologers see most Splash Patterns as being in an advanced position on the wheel of reincarnation. Famous people with a Splash Pattern are Theodore Bikel, Marlon Brando, Leo Buscaglia, Nina Foch, George Harrison, Gil Hodges, Henry Mancini (all 10 signs), Bernadette Peters, Theodore Roosevelt and Sarah Vaughan.

This Splash-Planetary-Pattern-of-Astrology page and much of this 600-page resource website are taken from You and the Universe.


The Planetary Patterns:

T-square Grand Trine Hourglass or Seesaw
Bowl Locomotive Wedge or Bundle
Bucket Tripod or Splay Fan
Grand Cross Splash





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