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The Tripod or Splay Planetary Pattern

The Tripod or Splay Pattern: Babe Ruth



The Tripod/Splay Planetary Pattern (page 321, You and the Universe) is the next-to-the-rarest of all the planetary patterns. It is characterized by, if you will, a very loose grand trine, with the following characteristics:

1) The pattern must contain a grand trine;

2) The pattern must not have any oppositions;

3) The spread of any of the three groups at the apices may not exceed 65°

If one of the three apex groups of planets in the Tripod pattern consists of only one planet, it is called a "reins planet" (as in holding the reins of a horse), and is said to symbolize the true genius of that person. Marc Edmund Jones, who apparently originated this term, likened the reins planet to the driver of a nine-horse team holding the reins of each of the other nine planets in his hand. The reins planet, if there is one, is thought to be in control of, or to rule, the chart.

In the physical world, the tripod serves as the basic foundation on which to mount fine instruments requiring stability, such as telescopes, cameras, surveyor’s transits, etc. Just so, the individual with a Tripod chart also manifests the quality of stability; and being so stabilized, is able to perform his or her specific task with a fineness and in a superior manner. Marc Edmund Jones—the originator of planetary patterns—called the Tripod the "Pattern of Genius," because those with Tripods usually showed a genius for some particular thing. It may be more precise, however, to say that Tripod individuals carry out their particular aptitude with a superior excellence facilitated by the extreme stability in their life.

The basic thrust of the Tripod individual is toward the apex group with the fewest planets. The basic psychology of this pattern is that of inner assuredness to the point of thinking one is on the side of fate. Tripod personalities are unique, expose themselves to many experiences, and sometimes think they are know-it-alls. As with all patterns containing a grand trine, the energy of the trines has to be activated, or their treasure will be as though it were sitting on a shelf.

Famous people with Tripod Pattern charts are Sri Aurobindo, Wally Cox, Faye Dunaway, Sally Field, Jackie Gleason, Franklin Roosevelt, Babe Ruth, Jonas Salk and Arturo Toscanini.

This Tripod-or-Splay-Planetary-Pattern-of-astrology page and much of this 600-page website are taken from You and the Universe.


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