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The Wedge or Bundle Planetary Pattern

Wedge Planetary Pattern, Benito Mussolini's horoscope

The Wedge Planetary Pattern above is characterized by all ten planets contained within a trine (120°±10°) or smaller arc. The maximum allowable Wedge is 130°, allowing a very generous 10° orb for the trine. As there is no minimum separation for the Wedge Pattern group, all planets may be separated by 90° or less, although such charts are rare. The Wedge’s boundary trine symbolizes the natural resources and talents that the Wedge individual can use to deal with life’s problems. If the two boundary planets are separated by less than 110° and lack this boundary trine, however, the individual lacks some of those natural resources. In that case you need to look to the quintiles (72° aspect, see glossary) in the chart for talents and resources that the Wedge will utilize to deal with life’s difficulties.

As a Wedge you tend to seek fulfillment through the bunching or concentration of your energies, not diffusing them in the simultaneous pursuit of many goals. You’re self-directed, content with your own capacity, and do not depend on or seek the feedback of others. You know how to make a lot out of a little, to increase the small into the great, and to maximize the advantage of opportunities that come your way. You are a true opportunist in the non-pejorative sense of the word. Since you have no oppositions in your chart, your life is very self-directed. Like a gyroscope, you can supply your own inertia and orientation in space in the face of all external forces. Be careful not to spin aimlessly, however, like a top wobbling as it spins down. Some astrologers say that the Wedge is marked by an apparent self-gathering of interests and an unresponsiveness to universal stimuli. Esoterically, the Wedge is an incarnationally young soul among all the planetary patterns.

The thrust of any Wedge Pattern is toward the center of the unoccupied area of the chart. This is exactly opposite the boundary trine’s midpoint, and indicates what the native is really after: what their ultimate goal in life is. The thrust or drive of the Wedge is lessened if it has no boundary trine, but it is still the point opposite the midpoint of the boundary planets.

This is the most rare of all planetary patterns except for the grand cross. In any Wedge (or chart lacking the T-cross, grand cross or grand trine) the so-called "trigger" needs to be identified. This is the most exact square aspect in the chart. The planets (and their signs and houses) that form the trigger symbolize that person's drive and motivation. If one end of the trigger is the cutting planet, that person is all the more forceful and dynamic.

As a Wedge you have great personal magnetism, drawing others to you and integrating them into your world. And the more tightly bunched your wedge, the greater is your personal magnetism. Loni Anderson, Barbara Bach, George W. Bush, Jose Feliciano, Harrison Ford, Steve Forbes, Mark Harmon, Mick Jagger, Franz Kafka, Jean Claude Killy, Paul McCartney, Van Morrison, Benito Mussolini, Valerie Perrine, Sly Stallone, Ringo Starr, Igor Stravinsky, Lech Walesa, Tuesday Weld and Henry Winkler all have (or had) Wedge Planetary Patterns.

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