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Gemini Rising or Gemini ascendant

Gemini rising 3D astrology model

When you were born Gemini was rising in the east over your place of birth. The cusp or beginning of the first house, your rising sign is the mask you wear in relating to and projecting yourself into the world. The first house rules physical appearance, body type, conscious self-image, and how others see and receive their first impressions of you. It’s the window through which you view the world, and your rising sign is the particular tint on the glass of that window, coloring and modifying all energy that passes into and out of your being.

Thus with Gemini rising you show many faces to the world, being multi-faceted in your personal expression and appearance. You are pervaded by a sense of duality, and can be indecisive, unsure, high strung and nervous. Mentally active, you identify with your mind and what you know. Although people can make you nervous, you love an audience and use you hands as well as your voice when you express yourself. You like a constantly changing environment with a lot of stimuli, and try to gather as much experience from as many areas as you can. Two very different manifestations of Gemini rising—often both expressed—are a superficial and shallow use of energy, or a sharp awareness of the many facets in society. In general you are adaptable, friendly, quick and witty. The house your Mercury is in shows experiences necessary in developing self-awareness and your expression as an individual. Mercury's sign and aspects will indicate your ease or difficulty in doing this.

Famous people with Gemini rising are/were Buzz Aldrin, Pamela Anderson, Richard Dean Anderson, Ann-Margaret, Christina Applegate, Neil Armstrong, Drew Barrymore, Harry Belafonte, Jean-Paul Belmondo, Tony Blair, Werner von Braun, William F. Buckley, Michael Caine, Julia Child, Joseph Cotton, Richard Crenna, Miles Davis, John Denver, Alan Dershowitz, Phyllis Diller, Donovan, Richard Dreyfuss, Larry Flynt, Peter Fonda, Greta Garbo, Elliot Gould, Steffi Graf, Martha Graham, Mick Jagger, Tommy Lee Jones, Johannes Kepler, Henry Kissinger, Gina Lollobridgida, Jack London, Marcel Marceau, Thelonious Monk, Julianne Moore, Sir Lawrence Olivier, Gregory Peck, George Peppard, Michelle Pfeiffer, Jean Piaget, Martha Raye, Burt Reynolds, Knute Rockne, Ginger Rogers, Teddy Roosevelt, George Bernard Shaw, Dinah Shore, Bruce Springsteen, Ben Stiller, Lor Alfred Tennyson, Jim Thorpe, Lana Turner, Guiseppe Verde, Jules Verne, Orson Welles, Gene Wilder, Shelley Winters and Andrew Wyeth.

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