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Hades-Pluto-Dis-Plouton: Greek/Roman god of the underworld and riches

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Pluto by Carracci; page 198 in You and the Universe


Hades - Pluto

Pluto was the Roman god of wealth and the counterpart of the Greek Plouton, for the riches found under the Earth's surface and from which we get "plutocrats" and "plutocracy." Hades is simultaneously the Greek god of the dead and the name of the underworld abode in which he lived. Dis was actually the Roman counterpart of Hades, not Pluto.

Hades/Pluto was the son of Kronos/Saturn and brother to Zeus/Jupiter and Poseidon/Neptune. The story of how Hades got his kingdom needs a little background. As Kronos was about to slay his own father Ouranos (Hadesí grandfather Uranus), it was prophesied that his son would someday in turn depose him. To keep this prophecy from being fulfilled, Kronos swallowed his children as they were born, but his wife, Rhea, tricked him. When their sixth child Zeus was born she substituted a stone for the infant Zeus, and Kronos ignorantly swallowed it down. Rhea, conspiring with Gaia her mother, hid Zeus in a cave on Crete where he was suckled and raised by the divine goat Amaltheia until old enough to fulfill his destiny.

One day while Kronos was out hunting, Zeus ambushed him and kicked him so hard in the stomach that he vomited up the stone and Zeusí five undigested siblings: Demeter, Hades, Hestia, Hera and Poseidon. His immortal brothers and sisters each took a part of creation to rule over and gratefully made him their leader. Hades-Hell was what was left over to rule after Zeus got the heavens and Mt. Olympus and Poseidon got the sea. Zeus then led his siblings in a ten-year war against their father and Kronosí siblings, the Titans, at the end of which Kronos and the Titans were exiled to Tartarus, the lowest part of Earth, a great stormy pit beneath even Hades itself. At the end of the Age of Heroes Zeus released the Titans, making Kronos king of the Elysian Isles to rule over the shades of the Heroes.

Pluto rules over Hades with his wife Persephone, whom he abducted from her mother Demeter with the help of Zeus and Mercury (see page 200 in You and the Universe, or click here). So Pluto married his own niece, a mere trifle when you consider that the Greek pantheon began with Gaia marrying her own son Uranus, Zeus marrying his sister Hera, and that Persephone herself was fathered by Zeus on his other sister Demeter.

In Jungian psychology and astrology, Pluto is your shadow, that which you have not yet brought into the light. It is what you are compelled to forget, what you bury, and what you refuse to see.

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