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Aquarius, by Johfra Bosschart

Aquarius by Johfra Bosschart

Aquarius by Johfra, pg. 182 in the fine art, personalized book You and the Universe



Aquarius is perhaps the most magnificent of Johfra’s Zodiac Series posters. The brilliant and benevolent face of the winter full moon dominates the painting, illuminating us with a clear and penetrating light that sees and knows all. Fully seen and witnessed by that pervasive consciousness, the water-bearer Aquarius pours out not water, but universal consciousness into the mind of man whose tribes are finally to be united in this 2100-year-long great Age of Aquarius that began mid-twentieth century.

Aquarius is an ancient mythological figure. Mentioned in Babylonian star catalogues around 1500 BC as the great god Ea, he is usually shown holding an overflowing vessel. Ea represented the southern quarter of the ecliptic called the “Way of Ea,” corresponding to a 90-day period centered on the winter solstice. The Egyptians associated Aquarius with the annual flooding of the Nile that was thought to occur when Aquarius put his vessel into the river.

The Greeks thought of Aquarius as a single vase pouring a stream down into “the southern fish” constellation (Piscus Austrinus) “The Great Fish” that swallowed the water Aquarius poured out. They believed that the two fish in the constellation of Pisces were offspring of the Great Fish, who had been promoted to a constellation in the heavens as his reward for having saved the Egyptian goddess Isis’ life. The Greeks associated Aquarius with at least three figures: Prometheus’ son Deucalion, who sailed 9 days to escape a flood and ended up on the shores of Apollo’ sacred mountain Parnassus; the beautiful youth Ganymede, a lover of Zeus whose eagle (or Zeus himself as his eagle) abducted Ganymede to Mt. Olympus to serve as cup-bearer to the gods (“Catamitus,” the Latin form of Ganymede, is the source of the English “catamite”); or the Athenian king Cecrops I known for sacrificing water rather than wine to the gods.

Aquarius is the fixed air sign of the zodiac, and its keyword is “I know.” Aquarians are individualistic, rebels, futurists and mental pioneers, but have difficulty cooperating and in relationships in general due to their strong will that allows no interference. More emotionally involved with work than with people, Aquarians need to feel love rather than to think it. Aquarius rules the ankles and the circulation in the human body.

The planetary symbols of the two rulers of Aquarius Uranus and Saturn are depicted respectively in the upper left and right corners of Johfra’s Aquarius poster. These two planets are very different energies and form a cosmic fugue with each other lasting 46 years (their last conjunction was from Dec. 1986 to Nov. 1989 on the cusp of Sagittarius-Capricorn). Saturn represents order, establishment, limitation, the status quo and the crystallization of it and all old forms. Uranus is sudden, disruptive energy, shattering old forms so that new energy can infuse and crate new forms. Without Saturn’s defining law of limitation energy would not have any form to inhabit; or more succinctly, without discipline there is no true freedom. And without change there is no life.

This Johfra Bosschart's Aquarius page and much of this 600-page website are excerpted from the personalized Fine Art Book You and the Universe.



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