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Mars in Astrology



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Although Mars and Venus embody opposite qualities, they are alike in their sensuality and passion. But where Venus is the unifying principle of attraction, Mars is the divisive, scattering principle of out-thrusting energy, separating one thing from another. It is the active force of the individual ego in the world, expressing the separate self and fighting for its rights. Mars symbolizes the human libido, not merely sexualized energy but human energy pure and simple—the Chi. It represents how you go after what you want, your drive and energy to be active, your sexual and aggressive urges, ego, individuality, survival, initiative, motivation, courage, conflict, force, vigor, mechanical ability, competition, sports, combativeness and war. It is the energy behind your feelings, whatever they are, and thus represents passion. In the physical body it rules the muscles, male genitalia, red corpuscles, nose and the excretory tract. Mars in your chart is where your energy is directed and released, and where you have strife, discord, and tension if not handled properly. In a female chart it represents her image of male energy.

Aries and Scorpio, the two signs ruled by Mars, are opposite Libra and Taurus ruled by Venus. Any aspect between Venus and Mars in your chart shows how you relate to the opposite sex and your instinctual sense of when to be aggressive or passive.

Mars’ original symbol, not the one popular today, was an upside-down Venus, a cross above a circle. This signifies the subjugation of the spirit by matter, or the primacy of the desires of the flesh over higher aspirations. With Mars the need to be an individual is more important than the need to relate or to be part of mankind. Men are indeed martial, and women more Venusian—thank the lord and pass the ammunition.

Mars is retrograde (picture, page 137) 11 weeks every 25½ months, 9½% of the time, and is found in about 1/10th of all charts. Your Mars is retrograde if there is an “Rx” after its numbers in your chart. Only Venus retrograde (7% of the time) is more rare. Since Mars symbolizes exteriorizing your energy to go after what you want, the internalizing and delaying aspects of retrogradation are the most problematic in its case. Mars retrograde individuals need to turn their desire energies inward to discover their own motivations, perhaps doing things repeatedly until they understand why they are doing them. This can be the result of early life experiences that blocked the normal expression of desire energy and the ability to prove themselves. Freud had Mars retrograde in Libra, fueling his lifelong study of his own and others motivations.

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