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Pluto opposed Mars




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Pluto opposed Mars is often found in the charts of souls who have experienced sexual abuse or trauma early in life. The violation(s) may have been physical or just purely emotional, but in either case you carry a deep emotional wound that may be repressed as well (as repression is the nature of Pluto’s hard aspects to personal planets). You have a highly charged sexual/emotional nature that needs to be consciously directed and channeled toward meaningful goals. Since you were branded by an uncaring, impersonal, or brutal relationship/experience, you may be too heavy-handed and forceful where a lighter touch would be more appropriate. A bad temper and brusque manner are also a signature of your past trauma. A commitment to self-exploration through a physically or emotionally oriented therapy—or to align your personal will and desires with a higher will or more universal purpose—may be necessary to achieve integration and peace of mind. Without some commitment like this you can wander from one experience or the fulfillment of one desire to the next, dissipating your energy and losing your sense of self.

You may resent or want to change external restrictions, or even limitations in yourself or your personal reality. You may wish to control or manipulate others, to be controlled and manipulated by others, or experience obsessive or hypnotic sexual attractions. The source of this energy may have been a very difficult and painful experience in this or in a previous life, such as rape, incest, violence, or some form of sexual molestation. If so, its purpose may be to externalize and objectify aspects of your own desire nature that need to be looked at and dealt with. In general, you have tendencies towards self-transformation and self-destruction, and may alternate between these poles.

It is important to consider if this opposition occurs between mutable, cardinal or fixed signs. An opposition between mutable signs needs an adjustment in attitude or thinking. An opposition between cardinal signs needs action, or a change in or halt to the way you already do things. And an opposition between fixed signs symbolizes the need to change or surrender your will, which is far harder to do than the changing of your thinking or action required of mutable or cardinal oppositions.

My first teacher Isabel Hickey thought that oppositions in mutable signs are just beginning to manifest in this lifetime and are therefore the easiest to handle. Oppositions in cardinal signs, on the other hand, are carried over from our last lifetime. If handled appropriately through constructive action they won't manifest in the next life in fixed signs. And oppositions in fixed signs symbolize "lessons we have failed to learn over many lifetimes, and are deeply ingrained patterns of behavior." And because they symbolize our will and have become habituated ways of being or responding, they need a great deal of attention and self-discipline to change.

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