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Pluto square Mars




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Pluto is the "higher octave" of Mars, so its square to its lower manifestation symbolizes difficulty in transcending or growing out of Mars' negative characteristics. This can manifest as over-aggressiveness, self-centeredness, sexual predation, or generally looking for a fight. You are often thorny and prickly when relating to others and in finding harmony with your environment. It's not just that you're a tough guy or gal on steroids. It's that you feel compelled into anti-social behavior by an emotional monkey on your back. You don't have much choice in your behavior, and you probably don't know why—are perhaps even that—you are acting the way you do.

One possible source of an overriding discomfort can have been physical and/or emotional abuse in childhood, as Mars square Pluto frequently appears in the horoscopes of people who have been sexually abused or traumatized when very young. The abuse may have been physical or it could be solely emotional, but either way you may hold an emotional wound of which you also may not be conscious, as the absence of light or self-knowledge is Pluto’s hard-aspect signature. Your emotional and/or sexual nature is probably very charged, and you therefore need to be carefully guided toward meaningful goals. As you may have been marked by a harsh or cruel event or relationship you may now act too awkwardly or forcefully where a gentler touch is more suitable. Persistent anger and an abrupt manner can also be signs of earlier abuse.

One way to deal with this and to get some peace and a sense of wholeness is to engage in a somatic or emotionally-based therapy such as Core-Energetics, or Reichian, Heller or Rolfing work. The theme here is to get your physical energy or chi cleared and moving, so Tai-Chi and yoga could also be helpful disciplines, but would not in themselves lead to an illumination of the source of the irritation. Depending on your personal orientation, another way could be a spiritual path with a strong physical and/or emotional component. In any event, you need to dedicate yourself to some physical/emotional transformatory path or you can roam aimlessly through life squandering your energy without purpose and never discovering who you really are.

Famous people with a strong (orb <3°) Pluto square Mars are/were Muhammed Ali, Art Buchwald, Dyan Cannon, Richard Carpenter, Johnny Carson, Jean-Albert Cartier, Isadora Duncan, Anthony Edwards, Jerry Falwell, Steve Gaskin, Paul Gauguin, Judd Hirsch, Thomas Jefferson, Genghis Khan, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, Bruce Lee, Norman Mailer, John McEnroe, Mary Tyler Moore, Julie Newmar, Olivia Newton-John, Manuel Noriega, Arnold Palmer, George Patton, Roman Polanski, Tim Robbins, John Steinbeck, Jimmy Swaggart, Tanya Tucker, Liv Ullmann, Oprah Winfrey and William Butler Yeats.

The quadruplicity (cardinal, fixed or mutable signs) that this square is in is significant. Mutable squares (between Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces) need an adjustment in thinking or attitude and are telling you that you need to change your mind about something. Cardinal squares (between Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn) can be handled by appropriate action, or by changing or ceasing the way you go after or start things. Fixed squares (between Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius) are the hardest to deal with because they symbolize your will, which is far harder to surrender or to change than thought or action.

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