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Review of You and the Universe

in The Mountain Astrologer, Oct./Nov. 2003

by Mary Plumb



I advertised for a few years in The Mountain Astrologer magazine starting in 2003. If I remember correctly I had the entire back cover in full color, so I was high on the pecking order with their advertising department. Before I ran my first ad, their book reviewer Mary Plumb contacted me with the idea that a book review in the same or preceding edition would greatly help my sales, so I sent her a copy of my book. She shared it with her friends on the staff and they loved it. At the time they saw it my book was only a 149-page soft cover version. Now it is a 342 page hardback printed on a far superior printer with much finer paper! I can only imagine how much better her already complimentary review might have been had she received the current version. Here is Mary's 2003 review.

"You and the Universe: A Cosmic Journey via Astrology, Astronomy and Mythology" is a customized personal astrological report par excellence. This beautifully conceived book interweaves three disciplines in the exploration of an individual horoscope. Carl Woebcke has practiced astrology for 43 years [as of 2014] and has also studied astronomy and physics; he has a master’s degree in Teaching from Harvard University.

The book combines the author’s delineation of the specific personal horoscope under consideration with a comprehensive presentation of astronomy, astrology, and mythology. Before the written report on the specifics of Mercury in the personal chart, for example, there are several pages (with photographs) on the astronomy of Mercury (including the retrograde cycle), the story of the prankster Hermes, and Mercury’s astrological significance. Each of the signs of the zodiac is represented by an evocative painting by Dutch artist Johfra Bosschart (1919–1998); all the paintings are rich in that sign’s layers of symbolism.

The text is replete with beautiful illustrations—from the latest NASA photographs to astronomical graphics and paintings from a variety of sources.

Carl Woebcke is clearly inspired by the discoveries of astronomy. He brings the reader easily along into the realms of the Oort Cloud, interstellar space, and the Hubble Deep Field (HDF); a photograph of the HDF is included here, which the author describes as “a picture to the visible horizon of the universe, and back to the beginning of time.”

Although the author takes us to “the edge of the universe,” the book also serves as a mini astrology textbook—with information on such specific topics as aspect orbs, planetary strength, and reference tables for the planets, signs, and aspects. There are also enlightening essays (with illustrations and graphics) on subjects such as “Pythagoras and the Music of the Spheres” and “Spinning Bodies and the Equinoxes.”

The book is comprehensive and covers lots of time and space, but it does flow together quite well. The presentation makes it easy to follow. The parts of the text that are specific to the individual horoscope under consideration are printed in blue ink; most of the other text is black. The delineations (which include the signs on each house cusp and planets therein, as well as aspects) are well written by the author and include nine major and minor aspects. The Glossary contains both astrology and astronomy terms.

Carl Woebcke is at home as a scientist and as a poet. You and the Universe would make a wonderful gift for a special friend. Students of astrology will find it a valuable and inspiring reference; the quality of information and guidance in this book could be a source of education and revelation for many years to come."


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