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Mercury opposed Pluto




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If you havenít already availed yourself of the process, assistance from a relatively pure witness whom you trust and respect and who can truly, impartially, and with love reflect you back to yourself (as in psychotherapy or some form of counseling) would be extremely beneficial. Your mind is deep, intense, probing, complex, and under extreme evolutionary pressure to change and to evolve. In the beginning of your mental growth process you tended to see and take in only those things that supported your already held concepts, in which you had (or still have) a great emotional investment. In other words, your ideas acted as a filter letting in those experiences or parts of reality that mirrored what you already held to be true. Confrontations with others challenging your rigid and fixed ideas serve as your agent of change and evolution. Two opposite responses to this aspect are either seeing the world in black and white due to a narrow or rigid point of view, or being so open to all points of view as to be unable to commit to any specific one yourself. You're very curious about other people's secrets and thought patterns, and need interactions with others to bring about the necessary changes in your own thinking habits. You therefore tend to create or force crises with others that wouldn't otherwise exist. You need to develop moderation, restraint and compromise in your relationships with others or they won't tolerate your way of dealing with them.

You may have thoughts that disturb you, or find yourself having to hold on to ideas so that they don't disintegrate or disappear. You're highly perceptive and very aware of your own and other people's weaknesses and points of vulnerability. Because of this, any tendency to sarcasm or mental manipulation on your part could be extremely destructive.

If the Moon or Saturn is conjunct or square Mercury or Pluto, be careful of underhanded, dishonest or unscrupulous behavior on your part. Using your friends as sounding boards or seeking professional counseling is appropriate with this aspect. If Mercury is in your eighth house or Gemini, Virgo or Scorpio is on your eighth house cusp (see page 169), you may have to bear the untimely death of relatives.

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