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Moon in 11th House

Moon in 11th house astrology model

The eleventh house is where we find our identity within a group; it symbolizes one-to-many relationships as distinct from Seventh house one-to-one relationships. It rules friends, groups, our social circle, membership in societies and organizations, ideals and aspirations shared by the groups to which we belong, and in general, situations in which we have to change our behavior to get along with more than one other person at the same time. Planets in the eleventh house show the kind of friends we attract to us, or the kinds of energy we experience in relation to groups. Many planets in this house indicate that we live a large part of our lives in connection with our friends or groups, and often need group support to accept or value what we are doing.

With the Moon in the eleventh house you have many friends (particularly women), but the nature of those friendships depends on the nature of the Moon's aspects and its sign placement. In any case friendships and beliefs go through phases with the Moon in this domicile. You need to be part of a group and draw strength and encouragement from your friends and acquaintances. Working with others, especially on community or humanitarian efforts, is perfect for you. You make yourself real by making your goals and ideals real. If the moon has difficult aspects it may be that few of your friends are close to you. If the Moon is very badly aspected (one close, hard aspect from—or hard aspects from more than one of—Sun, Mars, Uranus, Neptune and/or Pluto, and in Aries, Virgo, Scorpio, or Capricorn), these "friends" may be souls you've used in past lives that have karmically returned to use you in this one.

Some celebrities that have the Moon in their eleventh house are/were Loni Anderson, Charles Baudelaire, John Belushi, Tony Blair, Robert Blake, Julian Bond, Sonny Bono, Ray Bradbury, David Brinkley, Art Buchwald, William F. Buckley, George Carlin, Pablo Casals, Noam Chomsky, Jacques Cousteau, Bobby Darin, Angela Davis, James Dean, Gerard Depardieu, Cameron Diaz, Redd Foxx, Buckminister Fuller, Annette Funicello, Tom Hanks, John Hurt, Burl Ives, Garrison Keillor, John F. Kennedy, Dr. Martin Luther King, William Kunstler, Jerry Lewis, Gordon Lightfoot, Dean Martin, Paul McCartney, Roger Moore, Jeanne Moreau, Edward Norton, Michael Palin, Richard Pryor, Richard Rodgers, Ginger Rogers, Phyllis Schlafly, Eric Sevareid, Beverly Sills, Paul Simon, Patrick Swayze, Henri Toulouse-Latrec, and Ted Turner.

Astronomically speaking, the eleventh house is that one-twelfth sector of the local sky midway between the Midheaven and the eastern horizon (see above picture) occupied by planets two to four hours after they rise.

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