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Moon in 2nd House

Moon in 2nd house astrology model

The second house describes both inner and outer resources. We draw on emotional and mental inner resources in dealing with the situations with which life presents us. These assets form our sense of self-worth and self-esteem. Our outer resources are our finances and physical possessions: movable property that we own (as opposed to real estate). These assets form our sense of security. Some of us identify with what we own; others with what we are. They both, however, are what we value, and we attract to us what we value. Thus the second house is where we build in true value and our power of attraction. Planets here show how and to what we are attached, and the degree of our possessiveness.

Classically speaking, this house also symbolizes our strongest desires, and the manner in which we meet our obligations. It has been said that this house indicates "that which the life is dedicated to redeem" and is thus related to one’s peace of mind. Geometrically, the second house is that one-twelfth sector of the local sky midway between the eastern horizon and the nadir (see above picture) occupied by planets two to four hours before they rise.

As the Moon is exalted in the second sign, Taurus, the second house is a good and "natural" placement for the Moon. With Moon in the second house you go through many changes in your possessions and finances as well as in your attitude toward them—you alternate from tight to extravagant. Still, money and what you own are important to you as they make you feel secure. If the moon is in a fixed sign, you have a tendency to hold on to both people and things. Good position for benefit through the public or public commodities. Good things (the support you need) always seem to come to you. Friends, co-workers, and plain old lucky circumstances offer encouragement and backing.

Some famous people with Moon in the second house are/were Julie Andrews, Joan Baez, Drew Barrymore, Warren Beatty, Pat Boone, Tom Brokaw (beautiful suits), Carol Burnett, Gary Busey, Barbara Bush, George H. W. Bush, Enrico Caruso, John Coltrane, Howard Cosell, Matt Dillon, Michael Douglas, Mary Baker Eddy,  James Garner, George Gershwin, Richard Harris, Rex Harrison, Richie Havens, Peter Jennings, Madeline Kahn, Carole King, Rush Limbaugh, Edouard Manet, Karl Marx, Michelangelo, Demi Moore, Bill Moyers, Julie Newmar, Brad Pitt, Anthony Quinn, Bonnie Raitt, Dan Rather, Vanesa Redgrave, Edward G. Robinson, Roy Rogers, Linda Ronstadt, Mickey Rooney, Charlie Rose, Jean Paul Sartre, Arthur Schlesinger Jr., William Shatner, Martha Stewart, Kiefer Sutherland, John Travolta, Tracey Ullman, Sarah Vaughn, George Wallace, Mae West, Joanne Woodward and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

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