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Neptune opposed Venus




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Neptune is divine compassion, symbolizing "I love because it is the nature of Love to love." It is the higher octave of personal Love, Venus, who says "Ill love you if you love me." Their opposition symbolizes a need to evolve your personal values. You imagine qualities in others based not on their actions or on what they have shown you of their character, but rather on a cloudy idealism that has little to do with reality. You will therefore experience deception and disillusionment in love and romance, possibly through extramarital or secret love affairs. You tend to deceive yourself where personal affections are concerned, seeing the world through rose-colored glasses and confusing the person who's really there with your ideal. Your self-delusion can be very strong and your judgment weak unless your Jupiter is well aspected (check your chart on page three of You and the Universe, and then pages 104-106 for Jupiter's aspects to Venus, if any).

There's often a great loneliness with this aspect that cannot be relieved by striving to satisfy your own desires, but rather through surrendering them to the needs and the well being of others. Neptune's house (see your chart on page three) indicates the area in your life where this sacrifice or obligation will occur. Your desire to be loved has to be slowly transformed into being Love.

Celebrities with a strong (orb <3) Neptune-Venus opposition are/were Andre Agassi, Niels Bohr, Michael Bolton, Bono, Frank Borman, Boy George, Tom Brokaw, Richard E. Byrd, Dwight D. Eisenhower, John Frankenheimer, George Harrison, Rowena Jackson, JZ Knight, Marcel Marceau, Patricia Neal, Manuel Noriega, Ruth Pointer, Carlo Ponti, Steve Reeves, Erwin Rommel, Maria Schell, Robert Stigwood, Uma Thurman, Venus Williams and Tammy Wynette.

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