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Pluto opposed Ascendant-conjunct Descendant

Pluto conjunct descendant- Pluto opposed ascendant

You were born as Pluto was setting in the west. The rising and setting horizon points, midheaven and nadir are called the "angles" in astrology, and are the most individual and significant points in the 360 circle of the houses. Thus a planet conjunct or opposed  (if it's opposed one angle it's conjunct the opposite angle) an angle is very significant. And when that planet symbolizes personal evolution, growth, sex, power, death, and rebirth, it is very significant indeed.

"Pluto opposed ascendant" is the same as "Pluto conjunct descendant" or seventh house cusp; it is from the latter perspective that this aspect will be interpreted. The descendant is a symbolic condensation point for what we don't identify with in ourselves and therefore project onto or seek out in others or through intimate relationships. With this placement of Pluto you seek intense partners with and through whom you undergo your personal growth and changes. If you abdicate your personal responsibility in your own growth and transformation however, and elect your partners to do it for you, be careful they don't become your therapist(s) as well, or vice-versa. Issues of power, control or manipulation in relationships need to be dealt with openly and honestly.

You want to transcend your personal limits and boundaries by fusing and becoming one with another soul. If you're not sure that you can fill your own needs yourself, however, there will probably be a compulsive element to the way you seek relationships. If Pluto is afflicted, especially to Mars or Saturn, there may also be violence in your way of relating to others, and sudden and possibly violent endings to your relationships after long periods of friction.

One of Pluto's symbols is the legendary Phoenix bird, reborn once a century out of the flames of its funeral pyre. Your personality is under a similar, constant evolutionary pressure to die and be reborn. If this process is blocked or avoided, tremendous pressure is built up within you that must be released at all cost. Because of this and a tendency to compulsive and obsessive behavior, a non-analytic, emotionally or physically based psychotherapy can be an excellent release and form of growth for you. Once you learn to balance and integrate your own internal energies, you could make an excellent psychotherapist yourself if you were so inclined.

IF Pluto is in your sixth house AND within 4 of your descendant (check the orb in your book's header), then its expression through your seventh house is at least as strong as through your sixth; if its orb is less than 2, it should be read as though it were primarily in the seventh house and less in the twelfth.

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