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Pluto opposed Midheaven Pluto conjunct Nadir

Pluto conjunct nadir Pluto opposed Midheaven


You were born as Pluto was at the lowest point in the sky that day. The rising and setting horizon points, midheaven and nadir are called the "angles" in astrology, and are the most individual and significant points in the 360° circle of the houses. Thus a planet conjunct or opposed an angle (if it's opposed any angle it's conjunct the opposite angle) is very significant. And when that planet symbolizes personal evolution, growth, sex, power, death, and rebirth, it is very significant indeed.

Pluto opposed midheaven is the same as Pluto conjunct the nadir or the fourth house cusp—and is how this aspect will be interpreted. Pluto at the lowest point in the sky on your birth in no way imputes a baseness or low quality to your character, but rather, if this opposition is well aspected, that you have the potential of drawing strength from your past to build a sense of identity and a sound emotional foundation. If there are hard aspects involving Pluto, however, you are being driven to overcome obstacles from your family and heritage that emotionally stand in your way in the present. These could have been a domineering, vicious, or violent parent, or some traumatic childhood experience. In either case, you must be able to create a foundation on your past which is a source of personal renewal, and from which you can draw strength. This may be psychotherapy of some sort, or at least necessary periods of withdrawal and isolation in which you can commune with and draw strength from nature or the universe.

You may have a compulsive attachment to your more nurturing parent (usually the mother), which adversely affects your public image or career. Or you may have recurring karmic relationships with parents or lovers in which strong and compulsive needs go unfulfilled. You are thus forced back on yourself to learn to fill that need for yourself, and to build your self-sufficiency.

Famous people with Pluto opposed midheaven are/were Gregg Allman, Richard Dean Anderson, Tyra Banks, Theodore Bikel, Billy Graham, Mario Lanza, Ursula Le Guin, Myrna Loy, Thomas Merton, Julianne Moore, Peter O'Toole, Carlo Ponti, Carlos Santana, Dmitri Shostakovich and Jack Teagarden.

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