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Saturn conjunct Sun




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In this life you are being shown that the light (Sun) and dark (Saturn) aspects of your psyche are truly but two faces of your whole self. You will have karmic obstacles and difficulties to overcome, often manifested through significant male relatives. Your relationship to your father may have been a failure in some important sense: through his coldness or downright rejection of you; his over-emphasis on form, duty and material values; his inability to assume a strong and protective role necessary for your well-being; or through his being too dominant. Thus you've had to create the male half of your being from scratch, since you couldn't inherit that identity from your father.

If you are a male, this failed father-son relationship is often experienced as a personal inadequacy, accompanied by the need to prove yourself to yourself or to your father. The signs of worth and success that most men take for granted will not be enough for you, and you'll have to create your own measure of self-worth, and directly experience the control and mastery of your own life. If you're a female, the failure of the father relationship affects your connection to men in general. You may be consciously angry toward men, or carry this hostility inwardly and unconsciously. If the latter, you may only be able to express your instinctual, feeling side, and have to live out the masculine, assertive side of your nature through your partner, who becomes the father you never really had.

In both cases you have the strength, patience and persistence to match the limitations and discipline your life holds (or that you create for yourself). You're a disciplinarian, organized and controlled, who achieves his or her goals through hard work. You have a lot of pride (often to your own detriment) as well as a strong and independent personality, going your own way regardless of others' opinions or feelings. You're restrained, deliberate, reserved and sober, but when it comes to taking care of business, you really shine. Others may think you are older than you are, for you tend to assume an authoritarian stance. You may even enjoy the thought of being older, and probably treat authority, the elderly, and your teachers with great respect, if not reverence. It would help to cultivate positive and cheerful friends, and to find some medium in which to creatively express yourself. For a woman this aspect can symbolize responsibilities and hardships in marriage.

Celebrities with a close (orb < 3°) Saturn conjunct Sun are/were Hank Aaron, Andre Agassi, Alvin Ailey, Charles Baudelaire, Richard Burton, Philip K. Dick, Robert Duvall, Steven Gaskin, Whoopi Goldberg, Walter Gropius, H. Rider Haggard, Theodore Kaczynski, Lucky Luciano, Ilie Natase, Al Pacino, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Sri Sai Baba, Kenneth Starr, Sting, Uma Thurman, Tracy Ullman, George Wallace and Jonathan Winters.

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