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Saturn conjunct Ascendant

Saturn conjunct ascendant 3D astrology model

Any planet conjunct one of the four angles is significant, and when it is the planet of karma, time, responsibility, limits, law, discipline and success it is very significant indeed. Born as the planet Saturn rose in the east, you are strongly identified with its energy and serve as a representative of its vibration on Earth. Thus your personality and how you project yourself are identified with discipline, responsibility, achievement, status, restriction, perseverance and law. The closer Saturn was to being exactly on the horizon when you were born (see the orb of your aspect), the more reluctant you as a soul were to come into your body and the more difficult your birth may have been for your mother. If Saturn is within a few degrees of your ascendant, your birth may have caused her trauma, resulted in a Caesarian, or in extreme cases, even her death. If the latter, and I don't find this easy to say, it is my belief that both you and your mother elected that event with the Lords of Karma as disincarnate souls before your respective births.

Bob Dylan's verse, "I was so much older then, I'm younger than that now." is really true of your life. You were born old, and had many responsibilities while still a child, as well as a feeling of not having been loved at an early age. There's often a feeling of lost childhood with this placement of Saturn. As you mature into an adult you will have the desire and the opportunity to regain and relive some of your lost youth.

You need to overcome your fear and develop self-confidence and a sense of your own self-worth. You're shy, conservative, very reserved and possibly self-effacing; but are extremely responsible, patient, self-disciplined and persevering, capable of working long and hard to achieve your goals. Discipline and responsibility in your self-expression is your hallmark; freedom in your self-expression is your challenge.

Celebrities with a strong (in first house, orb <4) Saturn conjunct ascendant are/were Debbie Allen, Tom Berger, Jeff Bridges, Suzanne de Carvalho, John Crow, Bradford Dillman, Phil Donahue, George Gershwin, Jose Greco, Emmylou Harris, Edwin Hubble, Nick Nolte, Richard Preston, Camille Saint-Saens, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Jose Silva, Jon Voight, Irving Wallace, James Woods and Frank Lloyd Wright.

When Saturn is conjunct the ascendant it can be in either the first or the twelfth house. A twelfth-house Saturn within 3-4 of the ascendant is on the "dark side" of the first house and expresses itself through both the twelfth and the first houses. When a twelfth-house Saturn is less than 3 from the ascendant, it starts to express itself more through the first house than through the twelfth; when it is less than about 1-1 from the ascendant, a twelfth-house Saturn should be interpreted as being essentially in the first house. This dark side principle is true of all 10 planets on the dark side of all four angles.

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