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Saturn opposed Mars




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This important aspect symbolizes the polarity between two fundamental and discordant parts of your psyche. You are torn between the need to act (Mars) and the necessity to wait and to not act (Saturn), so you tend to blow hot and cold with sporadic and temporary enthusiasms. You fight with discipline and authority, both externally and in developing it in yourself. Another way to look at it is that your desires and your sense of responsibility are in conflict. Thus you often act either too aggressively or too passively, and need to develop perseverance, moderation and discipline in your behavior. And your timing (Saturn) is off, so you tend to act either too quickly or not quickly enough.

You can only truly be free by accepting the disciplines and restrictions life contains, and by mastering and passing beyond them. But you want to be free without the work and the mastery, which often makes you impatient and resentful. You are often frustrated by and angry at authority figures or those in charge who do not seem to respect you or give you what you feel you deserve. This is a projection of your own resistance to taking on the responsibility and disciplines that your life demands. As you learn to assume responsibility for who you are and where you are in your life, you will no longer feel the need to blame others for your situation or the lack of continuity in your effort.

You may have a lot of difficulty finding a structure or career (Saturn) in which to place your considerable energy (Mars), which fuels your aggressiveness towards those who are already established. Your drive is strong, but you resist training and discipline, avoiding opportunities to apply your energy and to learn how to accomplish things. This can often feel like driving with the brakes on. It may appear to you that the world is putting obstacles in your way, but you need to learn respect for the necessity of responsibility and self-discipline in your life. In order to succeed, you need to focus on the house Saturn is in. Begin with planning and organization, continue with training and discipline, and complete that area of your life through determination and perseverance. Don't avoid school, training, or necessary hard work.

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