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Saturn opposed Midheaven

Any planet conjunct one of the four angles is significant, and when that planet is the outer planet symbolizing discipline, perseverance, responsibility, status, achievement, limits, old age and the law, it is very significant indeed. Saturn opposed midheaven is the same as Saturn conjunct the nadir or the fourth house cusp, and this is how this aspect will be interpreted. Born when Saturn was at the lowest point in the sky that day, you have a deep fear and a tendency to wall yourself off from others. The source of this fear and separative tendency needs to be made conscious, understood, forgiven if necessary, and then released, or the latter part of your life could be very lonely. Giving more of yourself away and going out to others might be helpful.

Proud of your ancestry, home and family, you need to stop clinging to the past and break the umbilical cord that still holds you to your mother. You may, however, have to carry on the family tradition, or have family duties thrust upon you that curtail your freedom. In this regard you're very responsible and practical when it comes to home and family, even at the expense of your career. Though you may fear to leave it, you'll be happier at some distance from your place of birth. Prone to ulcers, you may also have trouble with indigestion due to an inability to allow yourself to express or even to have certain emotions. Land or real estate can bring in money.

When Saturn is conjunct the nadir it can be in either the third or the fourth house. Saturn in the third house and within 3 or 4 of the nadir is on the "dark side" of the fourth house cusp and expresses itself in both houses. As it moves even closer to the nadir while yet in the third house it expresses itself more and more predominantly through the fourth. Still in the third and within about 1-1 of the nadir it should be considered as being in the fourth house. This dark side effect is true of all the planets and all the angles.

Famous people with a strong (orb < 3) Saturn-midheaven opposition are/were Mary Astor, Sir James Barrie ("Peter Pan" author), Dave Brubeck, Rosalynn Carter, Jerry Falwell, Ava Gardner, Cary Grant, Janis Joplin, Martin Luther, Thomas Merton, Liza Minnelli, Michael Moore, Carlos Santana and Sam Shepard.

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