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Neptune conjunct Sun




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Neptune conjunct the Sun indicates either true spiritual vision and the linking of your will with your ideals, or self-delusion and illusion, and is often a mixture of both. Which way this manifests depends on your level of evolution and self-work. The relative strength of this aspect depends on how exact it is, given by the "strength" and "orb" in the header above this reading in your personalized book You and the Universe. A strong Saturn would be helpful in achieving your dreams rather than in just dreaming them, as well as in expanding your consciousness in a way that is true to your psyche. You have high ideals that you hold up for all to follow, and the ability to enchant others with words and images. Your presence has a way of helping those around you to let go of differences and remember what unites us all. You have a strong mystical nature, and are drawn to spiritual authorities and teachers.

You feel at one with the mystical, spiritual, and transcendental realms. You and others may both find you difficult to understand; it's as though your identity were shrouded in a mist. Because you tend to substitute the ideal (or your idea) for the fact when the two conflict, you need to be completely honest with others; beware of even deceiving yourself unknowingly. What is concealed with you is far more important than what is on the surface; therefore be careful of hiding something disintegrative in effect.

Celebrities with strong (orb < 3) Sun-Neptune conjunctions are/were Grand Dutcheess Anastasia, Susan Anton, Christina Applegate, Yassar Arafat, Clara Barton, Rory Calhoun, Rosalynn Carter, Sean Connery, Michael Douglas, Werner Erhard (est founder), Carrie Fisher, Rhonda Fleming, Calista Flockhart, Buddy Holly, Julio Iglesias, Frida Kahlo, Otto Klemperer, Art Linkletter, Peter Lorre, Jose Ortega y Gasset, George Orwell, Louis Pasteur, Ginger Rogers, George Sanders, Susan Sarandon, Red Skelton, Margot St. James, Pierre Teilhard De Chardin, Harry S. Truman, Sigourney Weaver and Keenan Wynn.

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