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Sun in 8th house

Sun in 8th house astrology model

The eighth house asks us to enlarge or sacrifice our ego boundaries in order to enter into relationship or union with another or others. To do so, some aspect of our personality or ego must die. Usually it is some thing, not some one, that dies, and with the passing away of that limiting aspect of our personality we experience a releasing freedom

Herein is the second aspect of this house: resurrection and rebirth. The eighth house rules personal evolution, growth, transformation and change, death, rebirth, sex, possessions of a relationship, legacies, inheritance, taxes, rituals, initiations and the occult, the astral body and reincarnation, and the severing of ties to that to which we are attached. A planet in the eighth indicates that a personal facet of your psyche is under pressure to work more cooperatively or jointly with others. Many planets here signify a person whose life can be characterized by change. Such individuals may find continuous states of affairs monotonous, and periodically bring about changes or crises to feel truly alive.

With your Sun in this second of the "water" houses (fourth, eighth and twelfth houses), your will and ego must undergo regeneration and transformation. That part of you which feels separated from others will be challenged to grow and to evolve, or to die. You will be asked to share with and to include others in a way in which you might previously have thought yourself incapable. You have a sixth sense as to the assets available to you through your personal connections. But you will have to surrender much of what you feel, both emotionally and physically, belongs only to you. There may be money from your father's side of the family, as well as through inheritance or wills (especially if your Sun is well aspected to Venus, Jupiter, or the ruler of your eighth House). The first part of your life may have been hard due to your father's lack of ability to be a real father to you, or by his actual physical absence. You're intense, want more than appearances, and dig down to the heart of things no matter what the personal sacrifice.

Famous people born about the same time of day as you (Sun in the eighth house) are Buzz Aldren, Herb Alpert, Charles Baudelaire, Anita Bryant, Truman Capote, Cezar Chavez, Glenn Close, Howard Cosell, Matt Damon, Bo Derek, Farah Fawcett, Bobby Fischer, John Glenn, Buddy Holly, Jesse Jackson, John F. Kennedy, Kris Kristofferson, Jerry Lee Lewis, Sophia Loren, Shirley MacLaine, Bette Midler, Demi Moore, Sean Penn, Sylvia Plath, Richard Pryor, John Travolta, Harry S. Truman, Rudolph Valentino, Raquel Welch, Stevie Wonder, Catherine Zeta-Jones.

The eighth house is that one-twelfth sector of the local sky midway between the Midheaven and the western horizon (see above picture) occupied by planets in the two to four hours before they set.

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