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Sun in 4th House

Sun in 4th house 3D astrology model

Our emotional foundation and subconscious self-image based on early childhood experiences are established in the fourth house. The way we feel about ourselves is conditioned by our experience of our parents’ (or significant others’) acceptance or rejection of us as we were growing up. From these experiences we developed our sense of belonging and our capacity to receive—and/or a sense of alienation and a difficulty or frozenness in receiving.

The fourth house rules the home, our family as a child and as an adult, the nurturing parent and our early experience of being nurtured, our most personal and intimate life, real estate and property, and our heritage and ancestry. Here is where we send down roots and establish a base of operations, find our limits, and generally secure ourselves. It is the end of any searching we might have done in the Third house, and thus rules the latter part of life. A planet here indicates the need for a stable emotional base in order to fill the needs of the house it rules. The more planets in this house, the more one tends to be subjective, personal, private or introverted.

Self-protection, self-sustainment and the fear of not having enough are issues with the Sun in the emotional fourth house. Home, family, and security are very important to you, as well as the need to firmly establish roots and build your own home base. Your success in building an independent life, however, depends heavily on having had your needs met (being seen, being nurtured, being loved) as you were growing up. Some form of counseling could be helpful in reuniting you with your inner child and in letting go of attachments to your parents, especially if Pluto (and to a lesser degree, Saturn) is in hard aspect to the Sun, Moon or Mercury, and/or the Moon, Pluto or Saturn are in a water house (the fourth, eighth, or twelfth).

There's probably strong identification with the nurturing parent, whether for good or for ill. It's important to make these issues more conscious (literally bring them to light) with your light (the Sun) in the subconscious, midnight fourth house. There's a lot of self collecting and growing to do, so usually the latter part of life is the sweetest, when things have been sorted out and a stronger sense of self has been developed. Sensitive and somewhat reclusive, you tend to be a very feeling and an often vulnerable person. You sense things and have a good feel for business.

Celebrities with Sun in the fourth house are/were Woody Allen, Jennifer Anniston, Neil Armstrong, Charles Aznavour, James Caan, Anton Chekov, Julia Child, Phil Collins, Bill Cosby, Aleister Crowly, Ted Danson, Neil Diamond, Michael J. Fox, Steve Gaskin, Goebbels, Elliot Gould, Melanie Griffith, Richie Havens, Lena Horne, Carole King, Sybil Leek, Martin Luther, Bill Maher, John Malkovich, Bill Moyers, Huey Newton, Oliver North, Bernadette Peters, Pablo Picasso, Suzanne Pleshette, Marcel Proust, Geraldo Rivera, Julia Roberts, Dennis Rodman, Albert Schweitzer, George C. Scott, Eric Severeid, Sissy Spacek, Jimmy Stewart, Tesla, Tina Turner, and Tiger Woods.

Astronomically speaking, the fourth house is that one-twelfth sector of the local sky counter-clockwise from the nadir (see above picture) occupied by planets in the two hours before they reach the lowest point in the local sky.

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