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Sun in 9th House

The ninth house is where we search for truth: experiences that broaden the mind and help us form our philosophy of life. Here we expand our consciousness, synthesize meaning from facts and experience, adjust personal attitudes to collective ideas, and understand how things are integrated into systems. This house rules higher education, religious and ethical understanding, spiritual visions, in-laws, long journeys, law and the higher courts. Here is what remains of the purification that took place in the Eighth house: its seed or essence. "Religion" comes from the Latin "re-," back + "ligare," to bind, hence, "to bind back," and thus refers to all things that last or endure, such as the truth. Many planets in the ninth are usually an indication of being unwilling to accept the conventional limits within which we were raised.

With Sun in the ninth house, your interests lie in the synthesizing of ideas and information into philosophy, religion or higher education, or informing the public of these things, such as through publishing. You are direct and candid and tend to brush past appearances to settle on the truth within. There is probably long distance travel in your life, and/or relationships with those who have been foreign born. You may counsel or be a teacher to others. Don’t avoid conditions that tie you down but are necessary for self-discipline: this level of freedom will prove expensive.

Famous people born about the same time of day as you (Sun in the ninth house) are/were Bridgitte Bardot, Roberto Benigni, Julian Bond, Willy Brandt, Art Buchwald, David Carradine, Jacques Costeau, Marie Curie, Jane Curtin, Catherine Deneuve, John Derek, Robert Downey Jr., Marcel Duchamp, Edna Ferber, Glenn Ford, Stephen Foster, Whoopi Goldberg, Eric Idle, Dr. Martin Luther King, Peggy Lee, Marcello Mastroianni, Mata Hari, Steve McQueen, Henry Miller, Joe Montana, Michael Moore, Benito Mussolini, Willie Nelson, Edward Norton, Nostradamus, Auguste Rodin, Roy Rogers, Erwin Rommel, Brooke Shields, Red Skelton, Harry Dean Stanton, Martha Stewart, Uma Thurman, Richard Widmark and Robin Williams.

If the Sun is within 12° of the midheaven it is conjunct the tenth house cusp and much of the above interpretation starts to become weaker. If the Sun is in the ninth house AND within 4° or 5° of the midheaven, then it is said to be on the "dark side" of the tenth house, and it influence will be felt in the tenth as well as in the ninth house. The closer a ninth house Sun is to the tenth house cusp, the more it will be interpreted as though it were in the tenth house; when less than 3° from the midheaven, a ninth house Sun expresses itself primarily—and eventually entirely—in the tenth house.

Astronomically speaking, the ninth house is that one-twelfth sector of the local sky clockwise from the midheaven (see above picture) occupied by planets two hours after they culminate.

This Sun-in-the-ninth-house page and much of this 600-page website are excerpted from the Fine Art Book You and the Universe.


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