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Sun opposed Ascendant

Any planet conjunct one of the four angles is significant, and when that planet is also the Sun it is very significant indeed. You were born as the Sun left the sky to descend beneath the Earth where it can no longer be seen. Sunset is a point of balance and transition: of day into night, of light into shadow, between the outer and the inner, and in astrology, between the self and the not-self, the intimate other. Sun opposed the ascendant is the same as Sun conjunct the descendant or seventh house cusp; it is from the latter perspective that this aspect will be interpreted. The descendant is a symbolic condensation point for what we don't identify with in ourselves, and therefore project onto or seek in others or through intimate relationships. With the Sun here you need partners or intimate one-to-one relationships to find your center, sense of purpose, and to fulfill your goals. If you judge this in yourself, you may experience this part of your nature as disintegrative and demoralizing. But you do need others through which you (and so that you) can shine. This may be difficult to accept, but there is nothing wrong with this need or dependence. It just is. It is who you are.

Souls who have incarnated at sunset as you have often find or model their own will and sense of purpose on that of their partner. In your intimate one-to-one relationships your partner will be dominant and hold the power. This may occur through your helping them to shine or through your learning to adjust to their needs and their demands and by putting yourself second. You tend to find your sense of self as part of a couple rather than as a separate ego.

Celebrities with a strong (7th house, orb <5) Sun opposed ascendant natal aspect are/were Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Patch Adams, Don Ameche, Gower Champion, Nicolaus Copernicus, Gus Grissom, Adolf Hitler, Peter Jackson, Carl Gustav Jung, Stacey Keach, Richard Kiley, Barbara Lynn, Alan Page and Robert Stack.

When the Sun is conjunct the descendant it can be in either the sixth or the seventh house. A sixth-house Sun within 3-4 of the descendant is on the "dark side" of the seventh house and expresses itself through both the sixth and the seventh houses. When a sixth-house Sun is within 3 the descendant, it starts to express itself more through the seventh house than through the sixth; when it is less than about 1-1 from the descendant, a sixth-house Sun should be interpreted as being essentially in the seventh house. This dark side principle is true of all 10 planets on the dark side of all four angles.

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