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Any aspect between the Sun and the Moon (the "lights") is one of the most important aspects in your chart, and if it is a major aspect like the square, it is significant indeed. The square between the Sun and the Moon symbolizes a conflict between your true, inner self (the Sun), and the images and beliefs as to who you are that you've picked up and now hold to be true (the Moon). This learning may have come from your parents, others in your childhood, or through your own way of perceiving the world based on biases from past life experiences. Whatever its apparent source, the resulting tension between your will and your emotions is frustrating, and manifests as psychological problems until you resolve the underlying, subconscious conflict. Your parents (Sun is father, Moon is mother) could have separated while you were still young enough to have felt it strongly.

Childhood male/female models are usually absent, ambiguous or unacceptable, so there is often a lot of tension and/or a need to experiment in relating to the opposite sex. You may try to escape your limitations by rushing into new experiences, but lack the perseverance to carry them to a conclusion. Self-defeating habits manifesting in the Moon's house can be changed by lessons and strengths associated with the Sun's house. You may feel that everyone else around you is in the wrong (or to blame), but it is really yourself with whom you are out of touch. Until you define, focus on and persevere with your goals, until you get back in touch with your core, you will have trouble depending on yourself for long periods of time.

If your parents were emotionally or physically separated, having to split your allegiance may have become a model for you with other couples or with multiple goals, hobbies, or careers you pursue. You may find that you need to alternate your loyalties from one to the other as though your goals or friends were antagonistic to each other as were your parents to each other. If this is true for you, becoming aware that the emotional charge or orientation you place on pairs in your life, be they couples or your own pursuits, has nothing to do with them but is rather you still trying to love your parents. The awareness of this will help you to gain the emotional centeredness and perspective necessary to enjoy more than one thing or person at the same time.

Whether this square occurs in cardinal, fixed or mutable signs is significant. Mutable squares only require an adjustment in thinking or mind-set; they tell you that you need to change your mind about something. Cardinal squares require suitable activity, or for you to alter or stop the way you are doing things. Fixed squares, on the other hand, are the hardest to handle because they represent your will, which is far harder to change or to surrender than your mind (mutable) or your behavior (cardinal).

Sun square Moon astronomically is the "first quarter Moon" in the waxing phase when the Moon is half illuminated (or half-full), or the "last" or "third quarter Moon" in the waning phase when the Moon is also half illuminated. These lunar quarter-phases (and the Sun square Moon astrological aspect) occur twice every lunar month or about once every two weeks.

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