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Sun square Ascendant

         This is a very significant aspect, as the way your express yourself is rough and even explosive at times, running at cross-purposes to your will, goals, and life purpose. You have trouble getting your ideas and thoughts across, and may have decided that your appearance doesn't matter, or even dress in a self-defeating manner. In any event the way you present yourself conflicts with who you really are, making it difficult for others to know or to respect (from re-, back + specere, to look at, see; thus: to look back on) you, or even repelling them. It is true that physical appearance is only a temporary covering for the soul. But we meet in a world of time and personalities, and few will take the time or choose to know you unless you present yourself in an interesting or enticing way. It would be wise to become more conscious as to why you make yourself unpresentable.

         You were born within an hour or two of either midnight or noon. Astrologically this symbolizes that your Sun sign energy, the flavor of your will and your drive for significance, is in conflict with your ascendant sign energy: your persona, public mask, how you express yourself. All planetary energies must express themselves through the ascendant if they are to be expressed at all, so this is a necessary and unavoidable self-integration on your part. If you were a Sagittarius with Virgo rising, for example, your freedom-loving, larger than life, expansive, story-telling, philosophical Sagittarian energy would be in conflict with the detail-oriented, critical, discriminating and purifying energy of Virgo. In this example you would have to find a way to express your Sagittarian energy with a Virgo modality, or you would remain unexpressed and defeated by life. One way would be to see that in attending to the endless details of your grand schemes and in being truly discriminating and detail-oriented about your big story, you give them the honor they deserve and bring them forward with a perfection and maturity that will be valued, seen and received by others, and will therefore will succeed. Your story is worth telling, Sagittarius; just give it the patience, love and attention it (and you) deserve).

         It is important to consider the quadruplicity (cardinal, fixed or mutable signs) that this square is in. Mutable squares (between Gemini or Sagittarius and Virgo or Pisces) need an adjustment in thinking or attitude and are telling you that you need to change your mind about something. Cardinal squares (between Aries or Libra and Cancer or Capricorn) can be handled by appropriate action, or by changing or ceasing the way you go after or start things. Fixed squares (between Taurus or Scorpio and Leo or Aquarius) are the hardest to deal with because they symbolize your will, which is far harder to surrender or to change than thought or action.

         My first teacher Isabel Hickey thought that squares or oppositions in mutable signs are just beginning to manifest in this lifetime and are therefore the easiest to handle. Squares or oppositions in cardinal signs, on the other hand, are carried over from our last lifetime. If handled appropriately through constructive action they won't manifest in the next life in fixed signs. And squares or oppositions in fixed signs symbolize “lessons we have failed to learn over many lifetimes, and are deeply ingrained patterns of behavior.” And because they symbolize our will and have become habituated ways of being or responding, they need a great deal of attention and self-discipline to change.

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