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Uranus in astrology



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Uranus is intuition, the higher octave of Mercury, the mind. Whereas Mercury plods along, using reason and logic to reach a rational conclusion, Uranus strikes like lightning at the answer. Mercury knows why it knows; the intuitive Uranus only knows that it knows. Uranus is the first planet beyond Saturn; and the first we cannot see with our physical eye. It represents the spirit and free will of the individual; breaking with law and tradition; and that which is sudden, unexpected and out of control in life. Uranus symbolizes unpredictable change, intuition, genius, individualism, independence, freedom, social reform, rebels, inventions, electricity, and the joining of the personal to the collective consciousness and the group mind.  In the physical body it rules electrical nerve impulses.

Uranus and Saturn do a dance. Saturn establishes forms, rules and law, and Uranus shatters them to pave the way for more comprehensive, more universal structures to be formed again by Saturn from the pieces. Souls born during the Saturn-Uranus conjunction of July 1941 through April 1943, for example, are helping to break the old forms of the Age of Pisces and bridge the gap to the Aquarian Age.

Uranus rules Aquarius, and has been raising the vibratory rate of the planet to help bring in the Aquarian age. A new age is ushered in when the vernal equinox enters a new constellation. Since each great age lasts about 2100 years, and the exact borders of constellation are arbitrary, this change alone takes a century or so. From the mid-20th into the 21st century you can see signs of the transition from the Piscean to the Aquarian Age in telephone, radio, TV, the internet, computers, radar, electromagnetic waves of all kinds, the Sixties revolutio n with its accent on non-conformity and spirit over form (what the shell contains, not the shell itself), the political revolution in—and dissolution of—the Soviet Union, advances in racial and sexual equality and in science and metaphysics, and all things that universalize individual consciousness. This is the truth behind the image of the Aquarius water-carrier and what he is pouring: universal consciousness into individual man.

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