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Uranus opposed Sun




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Your self-will is so strong that you attract it in others (and others like you), causing upsets and disruptions in your relationships due to lack of compromise. For this reason you will have difficulties with males in your life, particularly your father (and if a married female, your husband). Definitely the non-conformist, you're nothing if not original. Your energy is high, magnetic and erratic, and your life full of surprises. You are an intuitive, with sudden flashes of insight and ingenious and original ways of looking at things. You hate being tied down with the drudgery of routine, preferring instead to keep your options open. You may find yourself involved in causes that go against tradition, such as social or political revolutions.

Beware of compulsive antisocial behavior: a tendency to get involved with negative or contrary groups or foolish or dangerous activity despite your better judgment. Your friends are probably also eccentric, in particular those in authority and older persons. Communication, computers, electronics, and everything new-wave is your forte. The fixity of your strong self-will can permeate your body as well as your character, so regular exercise or some routine promoting your circulation is important (especially if this opposition is in fixed signs or houses). In fact, your will may be so strong that occasionally bearing humble witness to (or surrendering to) the flow of energy through the universe and thus through you (as opposed to your being the source of all that happens) would be a good practice.

Celebrities with a strong (orb <4) natal Uranus opposed Sun are/were Paul Anderson, Lauren Bacall, Ralph Belamy, Hans Bethe, Frank Capra, John Coltrane, Kevin Costner, Geena Davis, Patty Duke, Vittorio Gassman, Jimi Hendrix, Frida Kahlo, Immanuel Kant, Krishnamurti, Shia Le Beouf, Bill Maher, Randy Newman, Harold Pinter, Sergei Prokofiev, George Santayana, Jean Paul Sartre, Georges Seurat, John Philip Souza, Sissy Spacek, James Spader, Loretta Swit, Gene Tunney, George Wallace and George Westinghouse.

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