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Venus conjunct Pluto




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With Venus conjunct Pluto you are under continual pressure to change negative ways of relating and outmoded values, or to intensify and make even more intimate your close relationships. You're sexually very intense, passionate and sensual. Your touch alone can be indicative of how you're feeling about yourself, your partner, or a possible intimate. You have the potential for great healing or great destructiveness in relationships.

Over many lifetimes you have been driven to completely merge with another individual in order to transcend your individuality and isolation. The intensity of this drive, however, has kept you from learning how to fully supply your own needs, or from relating to yourself outside of a relationship. As a consequence you may feel that you cannot be complete or fulfilled except through someone or something outside of yourself. You are therefore hypnotically drawn to individuals with whom you wish to completely merge, and who you feel are the only answer to some unfulfilled need. There's a compulsiveness and intensity attached to this attraction, since you may not have had the experience of filling certain needs for yourself except through others. You may also be the object of such desire from someone else, and frequently both you and your partner have this karma.

Famous people with a close Pluto-Venus conjunction are/were Lance Armstrong, Chet Atkins, Charles Aznavour, Antonio Banderas, Tony Bennett, Carla Berlusconi, Sarah Brightman, Jackie Chan, Bing Crosby, Charles Dickens, Amelai Earhart, Jose Feliciano, Margot Fonteyn, Jessica Hahn, Phil Hartman, Isaac Hayes, Frido Kahlo, Charles Laughton, Liberace, Rachmaninoff, Gilda Radner, Julia Roberts, Maureen Stapleton, Stendhal, Frank Lloyd Wright and William Butler Yeats.

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